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This was an enjoyable to okay read for me.

I enjoyed watching Kitsy experience New york for the first time, and the ah that she felt in the big Apple. Kitsy is a sweet hospitable southern girl, optimistic, naive, flawed, smart, kind and courageous. I really liked her character, her story is sweet,simple, and pretty predictable. Her all most love interest Tad was just that an all most.

Which worked for the story, because I found that I didn't want her to be with him, and that I like Hands much better. I was hoping for some romance of some kind in this story but there isn't really any, just a very little with her and Hands that was it. I felt a little miss lead from the synopsis and photo cover. May 25, Jess Gone with the Words rated it really liked it Shelves: Read this review on my blog!

She is just such a genuine, likeable character. I just adore her.


We needed to get her out of The Spoke! Kitsy meets a few people during her time in New York that re Read this review on my blog! Kitsy meets a few people during her time in New York that really made this book pop. From Art Boy, to her new art school friends, all of their personalities were unique and interesting and what I would image true New Yorkers are like.

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Of course, I was completely smitten with Art Boy. Gwendolyn Heasley does a fabulous job describing it all so richly. I felt like I was the one walking around New York!

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We get to see Corrinne and her family, which was really fun. Though, I was sad to discover a certain couple was a couple no longer. I hate when a love interest disappoints me in a book. Especially when I was totally into him, as was our Kitsy. But then I get mad at myself for wanting our leading lady to develop something with said love interest when she has a boyfriend at home. So if you need a book that will certainly make you smile, full of art, friends, and New York, this is the perfect choice. Jul 22, Jenna rated it it was amazing Shelves: She's outgoing and friendly, and she talks to so many strangers in New York City that I kept waiting for something bad to happen to her, like someone stealing her purse or kidnapping her and selling her into sex slavery.

She does take the wrong subway train, once, and ends up in New Jersey. This is a companion book to Where I Belong. At first I was a little disappointed that Corrine, the main character from Where I Belong, wasn't in NYC with Kitsy for more than a few days at the beginning and end of Kitsy's stay, but I soon got over that. I liked Corinne okay, but I loooooved Kitsy. A few characters tell Kitsy "this is something you have to do on your own," referring to going to an all-night diner and entering a secret garden area, and they're right. Kitsy needs to experience NYC mostly on her own, without Corinne guiding her everywhere.

She shows no fear, going to parties with Corinne's friends and museums and meeting people everywhere she goes. She's embarrassed but she takes it in stride when her art professor singles her out for criticism, and she learns from it. By the end of the book, she's a better artist than she was when she started. She struggles, she has fun, and she learns. This book isn't the traditional romance you might expect from the cover; Kitsy already has a boyfriend back home in Broken Spoke, Texas. It's so much better than that.

It's about Kitsy discovering who she is and where she wants to go in life. This is a fast read. I finished it in one night. It's not necessary to read Where I Belong before you read this one. All you really have to know is that Kitsy and Corinne met when Corinne spent some time in Broken Spoke after her father lost his job and that Corinne's mother is originally from Broken Spoke. I do recommend Where You Belong, though. I didn't write a review, but I gave it four stars.

Corinne loses a star because she's not as easy to like as Kitsy. Dec 24, Hana Bilqisthi rated it it was amazing. I read this book with low expectation but inside Kitsy's head is really enjoyable. Her worries, dreams, and aspiration are really relatable and I learn so much from her story. Don't ever think anyone's more important than you are or has more valid experiences.

You are right about guy thing but it did not end up being a waste time for me. You can feel naked in a lot of different ways. Jun 25, Felicia Chien rated it liked it. Young Adult, Romance Source: Sent from Harper Teen Short Synopsis: Kitsy receives a chance of a lifetime of attending an art school in New York. Kitsy is flown from Texas, the only place she's ever known, to the place of her dreams, to do what she loves to do. An interesting story about finding yourself, and realizing what you are finally meant to do. All Kitsy has ever known is her life in Broken Spone, Texas.

Every thing i Book: Every thing is about to change, as Kitsy's best friend, Corrine, and her parents offer Kitsy a chance to go to an art school for the summer in New York, all expenses paid.

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Kitsy immediately jumps at the situation and can't wait to further her skills in art. But things tend to get in the way, with all the distractions of New York, and the loved ones of her friends and family in Broken Spone, including her mother, her brother, and her boyfriend, who all expect to be able to reach her. Kitsy is enthralled with what the city has to offer, as well as a handsome musician named Tad, whom she keeps bumping into everywhere. And while Kitsy loves art, the school is very eclectic as she dabbles in drawing nudes, pottery, and photography.

Before the course is over, Kitsy tries to learn where her strengths lie, and try to develop her skills. And aside from all her art work, Kitsy figures out that she has been running away from her issues, and does what she can to try to fix it. But as things start falling apart on Kitsy, she must do everything she can to make things right, before things get worse. Kitsy is all about adventure, as she tries new experiences, and is in absolute awe of New York City.

A small town girl, living her dreams in New York is all Kitsy ever wanted. She meets new and interesting people, soaks up the culture, and starts to fall for the mysterious musicians. I enjoyed reading Kitsy's latest unexpected turns as she tries to make sense of the art world. The relationship between Kitsy and Tad was great, but felt that Kitsy was a bit unreasonable to her friend Annika, when she discovered what they were up to, because Kitsy was already involved with someone else.

I felt that Kitsy was neglecting her family back home, as well as her friends. It was also interesting to read the different forms of art that Kitsy became involved in, and how one feeling for someone could alter Kitsy's entire frame of mind, as well as her final project for school. A Long Way From you is a sweet story about finding your true self.

Overall, an entertaining story, with colorful characters, and a story that will have you questioning the alternatives. Would I recommend this book: Feb 26, Anita rated it really liked it Shelves: A Long Way From You was an impulse library ebook decision I made when I was bored and looking for a nice simple young-adult romance to read. Something simple and easy, not a lot of fighting off demons or time travel or any of that kind of thing, just a laid book about a boy and a girl.

It never does work that way, does it? However, the romance was minimal which is surprising considering the ti A Long Way From You was an impulse library ebook decision I made when I was bored and looking for a nice simple young-adult romance to read. Regardless, this book was pretty great. This sponsorship is for a prestigious summer art program — the entire concept is a dream come true for Kitsy. So at first, I thought this book was going to be all big parties and super hot super models and that kind of craziness the entire way through. It started off that way, at least.

Corrine seems to be really, really into her money and lifestyle, to a fault, and she seems to be trying to suck Kitsy into the scene as fast as she can. She does, however, lose herself in the big city life, literally and figuratively. Kitsy has almost always been the caregiver, and the one who just makes sure everything is running smoothly, and everyone is happy. But here, on her big adventure, I think she veers a little bit left of center when attempting to do something for herself.

Thankfully, Kitsy is a strong character, and is able to find some perspective. What about this perfectly good guy back home, and what about ….. I love how Kitsy is able to put her life into perspective, and find out who she really is. So while I may not have gotten the romance that I was looking for, I did get the feel-good happiness that comes with that kind of book anyway. The first thing that grabbed me about A Long Way from You was the killer summary.

I loved that the main character, Kitsy Kidd, was from small town Broken Spoke and heads to the busy New York City to take a summer art class. I could easily connect with Kitsy because I'm from a tiny town and haven't really been exposed to any big cities, so Kitsy's reactions to NYC felt really honest and like how I'd react if I were in that situation. I also adored all of the art in this book! Heasley gave us an aw The first thing that grabbed me about A Long Way from You was the killer summary. Heasley gave us an awesome look inside NYC's Museum of Modern Art and reading about Kitsy's reaction to the beautiful paintings that surrounded her made me fall in love with art even more.

It was really awesome to watch Kitsy grow, not only into her own person, but also as an artist. I loved how her art professor wasn't the most likable guy at times, but he still taught her a great lesson in the end. The setting was flawless. It was amazingly described and I could really visualize myself waling the streets of New York with Kitsy, which is pretty awesome considering I've never been east of Ohio! I've never really thought about traveling until I read A Long Way for You, but like Kitsy, I learned that the world has so much to offer and I'm now dying to see it all!

Some unfortunate things happen in the book, but I felt they were necessary and very realistic. I found myself liking Kitsy even more after seeing how she handled the tough situations and loved how the negatives turn into positives. The ending was beautiful. Thanks to Heasleys amazing descriptions of Kitsy's artwork and surroundings. I loved where all of the characters ended up and felt really lucky that I was able to go on this life-changing adventure with Kitsy. It feels like a lullaby. This book had the perfect mixture of art, adventure and self discovery.

I can't wait to see what Heasley comes out with next. Sep 28, Nschiefelbein rated it it was amazing. While in New York, she tries to hold on to who she was in her small town of Broken Spoke Texas, while changing to fit with her new friends. She also has to deal with her alcoholic mother, absent father, and a little brother she feels guilty about leaving. This book is about coming to terms with who you are and what it means to be your own person. New York is called the Melting Pot for a reason.

Gwendolyn Heasley writes the book from a first person perspective, having Kitsy narrate her thoughts and actions to the reader as she goes. I liked this because I feel like I can get to know Kitsy. But even when it feels like you could predict her reaction to any given situation, she goes and surprises you. For me this makes the character seem alive, or more human. The book is geared towards pre-teens and teens, but I think an adult could enjoy this book too.

This book was a lot of fun to read. I hope you enjoy this book. A Long Way From You. Jun 14, Kaitlyn rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved this book so much! When I sat down to read it, I expected that, judging from the title and cover, this would be a cute romantic story. And while this book has some romance in it, there's more to the story than that. It's about a girl finding her way and deciding her future. I loved this aspect to the book. I also love the decision Kitsy made regarding the two guys in her life. I thought it made the ending a lot more realistic.

She was a wonderful character to connect with and I love Wow! She was a wonderful character to connect with and I love the journey she took. If you're looking for a fun summer read, this is it! Jun 02, Jen Ryland added it Shelves: A really fun read! One of my absolute favorite characters in Where I Belong was chatterbox cheerleader and closet art aficionado Kitsy Kidd. She's accepted to a prestigious summer art program in New York City and, you guessed it, in this book, a simple country girl tackles life in the big city.

Aug 01, Justine rated it it was amazing.

A Long Way from You by Gwendolyn Heasley Book Review

This book proves that you don't always have to go far from home to make your dreams come true. Just by being yourself you can go many places. No matter where you live in New York, or texas you can be loved and inspired to do what you dream of. May 08, Rachel Brand rated it really liked it Shelves: This summer offers her the chance of a lifetime, but New York has plenty of temptations that often seem far more appealing than remaining safely within the walls of her art school and working on her pottery and drawings.

When she returns home after four weeks, will she still be the same Kitsy? I grew up in a village which has exactly two shops, and our school is so small that once you reach the age of eight, you have to get a bus to the next town. Martin, lived — A Long Way from You was blissful escapism. Like Where I Belong, this novel had a fairly open ending. But as a romantic at heart, I did really like Hands, and I like to think that he and Kitsy stayed together despite their different dreams.

Some readers might interpret their relationship differently, which is the good thing about the lack of conclusion to this book. There were a few instances of underage drinking in this book, but Kitsy was very responsible with what she drank. A few of her friends smoked, but she did not partake. There is one brief illusion to a sexual situation between two secondary characters, but nothing graphic.

Review title provided by publicist. Jul 18, Cathy rated it did not like it. I could not get passed the second chapter. But between her inability to understand why people could like non-coke products which other people call "soda" HUH?? Feb 28, Sajaina Santiago rated it really liked it. Jul 05, Gabbie Rampant Readers rated it it was amazing Shelves: A Long Way From You has been sitting on my shelves for a few months now. The reason I wanted to read it was its cover, in addition to the fact tha Favorite Quote s: Kitsy has always lived in the small town of Broken Spoke, Texas, where the most exciting things were the football games at her high school.

She was a sweetheart who cared about others, to the point of somewhat neglecting herself. She developed a lot over the course of the novel. She grew up and matured, and she was able to come to terms with the life that she was living. And although she made some not-so-great decisions along the way, what matters was the end result. She was a very relatable character in that she had small beginnings yet was able to make something of herself.

Her love and passion for the art that she created was inspiring; and even though she may have lost touch with that passion in parts of the novel, she was able to gain it back. The secondary characters also had great affects on Kitsy and her journey. Tad was a little sketchy to me.

She seemed really superficial for almost the entire novel, and we only saw a glimpse of her real character at the very end of the novel. Kiki was a favorite of mine. Kitsy was truly a great big sister, and she really stepped up to the plate when necessary. Hands was a character that I wish I could have read more about. I feel as if he had more influence over who Kitsy was and why she went to New York than we were able to see. It would have been nice to learn more about their relationship and such, but alas, no such luck.

I really wish that there was more Corrinne in this novel. Although she and Kitsy are complete opposites, their dynamics were amazing. Their friendship seemed completely genuine, and I feel as if although Corrinne was a bit overbearing, she was just the type of friend that Kitsy needed. I wish we also heard more about Corrinne as well. For the little that we did see her, she was a very dynamic and deep character.

Although there was an ongoing relationship between Kitsy and Hands, which had lasted for five years, the novel was more about Kitsy finding herself and doing what was good for her. I also enjoyed the world building in this novel. This novel was mainly set in New York City, where dreams are realized. I think that this setting was an integral part of the novel. I loved that Heasley detailed different and unique parts of the city.

It kept it personal and intimate instead of just describing main tourist parts on NYC that you would expect. It has a smooth flow; even with the typos that are common in ARCs, the novel flowed like silky smooth milk. The story progressed at just the right pace, with something every once in a while to stir up predictability. We definitely got to know the characters as the novel went on, giving the whole book a more personal feeling.

I would definitely recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys coming of age novels. A Long Way From You was a warming, heartfelt novel about realizing and attaining dreams. Apr 16, Sharon rated it liked it. Kitsy was my favorite character in that book, so I could not wait to hear her story! A Long Way from You was a very good book that I definitely enjoyed reading. One of the best things about A Long Way from You was the emphasis on family. Kitsy loved her little brother, Kiki, fiercely, and it showed. The relationship between the two was so very touching; I often smiled and was occasionally moved to the brink of tears.

Kitsy's family dynamic was messed up because her father was out of the picture, and her mother had a drinking problem. Kitsy had practically been acting as Kiki's mother for years. However, over the course of the book, the dynamic shifted in some ways, and it was interesting to see this progression.

This story was about Kitsy and her coming-of-age, getting-to-know-herself journey. Kitsy, a teenager from small town Texas, had no idea how New York City worked. In finding her way through this new adventure, Kitsy truly got to know herself for what was perhaps the first time. I really loved watching her develop through her interactions with others and her journey through her art. Kitsy's view of and passion for art was thought-provoking and moving. Again, there were two boys in the picture in A Long Way from You.

One was Kitsy's long-time boyfriend, Hands, and the other was a musician from New York, Tad, whom Kitsy met early on in the story. They were both good guys, but there were also negatives to both of them, as well. For the longest time, I was not sure which of the two I wanted Kitsy to wind up with at the end! I won't give it away, obviously, but I was satisfied with how it ended. One thing I loved was that we got to see Corrinne again!

I really loved her friendship with Kitsy in Where I Belong , so it was nice to see a continuation of that. I was not a huge fan of Corrinne's story in this book, but now I am just crossing my fingers for another Heasley novel that will give me even more! Also, as an endnote, because at the end of the day, I'll admit to being totally shallow when it comes to covers: May I address the fact that the cover for this book is absolutely gorgeous? If all of Heasley's books continue to have covers like this, I don't think I'll ever be able to resist one.

With each line of my pencil, I feel as if I too am disrobing. Jul 22, Devan rated it really liked it. Even though this is a companion novel and it's not necessary to read Where I Belong first, I am glad I did because it made for an overall better reading experience. I had enjoyed Kitsy's character even more than Corrinne and this gave me some background knowledge before I dove into the pages of A Long Way from You. Due to the fact that I think Kitsy has had a more difficult life makes her more mature than Corrinne, and is probably why I liked her story of coming into her own better than Corrinne' Even though this is a companion novel and it's not necessary to read Where I Belong first, I am glad I did because it made for an overall better reading experience.

Due to the fact that I think Kitsy has had a more difficult life makes her more mature than Corrinne, and is probably why I liked her story of coming into her own better than Corrinne's. I was a bit upset, but not really surprised by the fact that it seemed like Corrinne had regressed a bit to her original self pre-Broken Spoke.

It was a good idea of Gwendolyn's to ship Corrinne off to horse camp so that Kitsy had to navigate New York and her journey on her own. Kitsy's own family dynamics was interesting, and I liked how Gwendolyn handled the idea of physical and mental distance. Some of the things like relationships and some personalities of characters seem to change suddenly; this is especially true with the characters you don't see for awhile Amber, Corrinne's mom, and Corrinne. It takes some adjusting to accept these changes and feels a bit unreal.

Kitsy's emotions feel real and as a reader you go through them with her, which makes for a strong 1st person POV. I just admire that strength and ambition and that was one of the best parts about the book. I loved seeing her escapades throughout New York — it was just so fun! A Long Way from You by Gwendolyn Heasley was the perfect summer read — light hearted, fun, and a bit of adventure. Gwendolyn Heasley is an author to watch, especially for those who love contemporary!

I love stories like this. Thanks a lot for the review. Now I will have to get the whole book and read it. Tanya Stevens recently posted.. I may have to check this one out. Please allow me realize so that I may just subscribe. Your email address will not be published. Comments I love stories like this.