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What are your favorite books about the rain forest? The Great Kapok Tree: The Amazon rainforest and the challenges we face to save it are powerfully presented in The Great Kapok Tree in such a way that any readers of any age can understand what is at stake here. A man with an ax working for a paycheck falls asleep under the great Kapok tree that he is supposed to cut down.

The creatures of the forest whisper in his ear why they need this tree for their very survival. When the man wakes up, what will he do on this day and the next?

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Doyli to the Rescue: Can kids make a difference? Caring for monkeys is a physical job. Doyli sweeps the dirt floor daily and carries water in a bucket because they have no running water or electricity.

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Chicle pronounced chic-lay is the Spanish word for chewing gum and in English, it refers to the sap used as a base in natural chewing gum. When Chavela purchases a pack of Magic Chicle, she is able to float all the way to Mexico where learns more about the people who harvest the Chicle, just like her great-grandfather. This is a magical journey that connects her to her chewing gum, her heritage, and her great-grandfather. Tanka is an ancient Japanese form consisting of five lines with a traditional syllable count of 5, 7, 5, 7, 7. Modern tanka poets rarely count syllables, but do follow a basic line pattern of short, long, short, long, long.

After reading Orangutanka, Margarita Engle invites readers to write a tanka poem of their own on any topic at all.

Please feel free to share them in the comments section! Carlos goes into the cloud forest in search of animals bringing his leave shaped umbrella. He leaves it at the bottom of a great fig tree that he scales up to find the creatures. Little does he know that the creatures end up in his umbrella and embark on an adventure of their own: The sloth may be slow but it has an impressive vocabulary to describe itself and one thing it is not is lazy!

I especially love the side panels on each page spread with facts about the rainforest. This book and adapted song would be fun to use in a rainforest study unit in preschool or elementary school! Jack and Annie take a quick trip to the Amazon in search of one of four objects they need to find to help Morgan le Fay. With the help of their pet mouse, Peanut, the siblings land in the canopy where they climb down to the forest floor, float in the Amazon in a dugout without a paddle and run from danger with the help of a friendly monkey.

Twin brothers Gannon and Wyatt are invited to join an expedition to Great Bear Rainforest along with renowned environmental scientist Dr. This book combines nonfiction facts about the Great Bear Rainforest with an environmental message in an action-packed adventure. Margarita Engle tells the complicated story of building the Panama Canal nearly years ago when an Apartheid system was in place.

White people did the less dangerous jobs and were paid in gold. People of color were paid in silver. Engle also includes the voices of the creatures of the rainforest whose habitat is destroyed during the construction of the dam. This nonfiction companion book to Magic Tree House Afternoon on the Amazon covers what a rainforest is, as well as plants, animals, people and gifts from the rainforest. This oversized nonfiction book has pull-out pages for each layer of the Amazon rainforest —The Forest Floor, The Understory, The Canopy, and The Emergent Layer — detailing the wildlife including plants and animals.

Welcome to the Green House by Jane Yolen. The land is one great wild, untidy luxuriant hothouse, made by nature for herself.

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Margarita Engle has book suggestions to learn more about Orangutans in her book Orangutanka:. Meet a baby orangutan born in the trees of the rainforest in Sumatra. You can learn more about endangered animals at the IUCN website.

Discover the animals that inhabit the frozen world of Antarctica. Scientists estimate that there are around 1,, species of animal in the world today. This number is changing all of the time, with animals going extinct, and new animals being discovered. The blue whale is the biggest animal in the world.

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  • In fact, this huge mammal is the largest species ever to have lived on Earth! You can find out more about blue whales here. The biggest land mammal is the African bush elephant. Read more about African bush elephants here. The tallest animal in the world is the Giraffe. Their long necks and legs help them to reach the leaves in their favourite acacia trees.

    Giraffes can grow up to 5. You can find out more about giraffes here. Ostrich — the biggest bird in the world hatches from the biggest eggs in the world! The biggest bird is the Ostrich. Ostriches live in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Ostriches grow up to 2. Ostriches also lay the biggest eggs.

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    Find out more about ostriches here. The longest insect is the Phobaeticus chani — a species of Stick Insect. It can grow up to mm Green Anacondas are the largest snakes but not the longest in the world. The heaviest snake in the world is the green anaconda.

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    Find out more about Green Anacondas here. Find out more about the reticulated python here. This stripy brown sea worm grows up to 55 m ft. It weighs up to 2 g 0. It weighs between 1.