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The rarest travel experiences. These are the real do-before-you-die journeys To see the great gorge from a completely different — and rare — angle. Looking down on the squiggle of the Colorado River from a mile up on the rocky rim, it seems impossible that this river could have carved the gargantuan Grand Canyon. And this is why seeing the canyon from water level is the best way to appreciate it — the experience offers a far more intimate encounter than peering in from the top, as well as a close up of all that glorious geology.

En route are side canyons, Puebloan sites, swimming holes and sandy beaches, not to mention plenty of wild water. Fortunately, commercial tour-op trips — which range from one-day to three-week floats — are available, but even these need booking in advance if you want to guarantee your rendezvous with all this ancient rock.

The best time to raft the Colorado is May-October. More information Like that, try this Tackle the Rio Futaleufu, an absolute classic that cuts through the canyons and wilderness of Patagonia. Massive art, small crowds.

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Damn Michelangelo for not picking a bigger room! The 40m long by 13m wide box, squished into the Vatican Museum complex is woefully inadequate for the 25,odd people who now traipse through here every day. Sistine Chapel Shutterstock Fortunately, there is another way. Like that, try this To complete an epic trek, then snooze with the summiteers.

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And after the tragic earthquakes in , the surrounding communities need the support from tourists. But while the teahouse hospitality and Himalaya views en route are magnificent, most treks are not actually allowed to stay at Everest Base Camp — it requires specific permission. Everest base camp Shutterstock However, a few special departures do offer the chance to overnight at the iconic camp.

Also, these trips may be timed to coincide with peak summit-attempt season, when groups of climbers are also in residence. Trekkers with illnesses will not be allowed to stay at Base Camp to avoid potentially infecting the climbers. Trek to Machu Picchu, Peru Why? The city deserves the slow build, the accumulated excitement, that trekking there provides. There are plenty of alternatives to the classic: Hikes vary in length, altitude and difficulty; acclimatise before setting off.

Dry season is April-October.

The 50 greatest adventures on Earth

Permits are increasingly an issue on the Inca Trail. New Zealand has nine official Great Walks, and the Milford Track is arguably the greatest of the lot. That is, unless you opt for an upgrade. Ultimate Hikes operates a series of private lodges with both dorms and doubles that enable hikers to tramp the track, with a guide, in a little more comfort.


You still have to carry your own bag, but — unlike those in the DOC huts — you get hot showers, duvets, drying rooms and hairdryers; breakfasts, lunches and three-course dinners are cooked up for you; each lodge even has a well-stocked bar. Sleep under the stars in NamibRand, Namibia Why? Sure, leave the big city and you can see stars almost anywhere. But the experience will be extra heavenly if you travel somewhere very dark, very clear and very remote. And the dry climate means cloudless skies are the norm.

Splurge on a stay at Sossusvlei Desert Lodge, which has its own observatory and ten luxurious chalets, each with a terrace, telescope and skylight over the bed. Or join the Tok Tokkie Trails three-day desert walk, on which nights are spent sleeping on a canvas stretcher under the stars. The reserve is around km from Windhoek.

Swim with turtles in Ningaloo, Western Australia Why? To take a dip with endangered species. Main hub Exmouth is 1,km north of Perth. Snorkel with endangered leatherback and hawksbill turtles in Barbados. Visit an endangered tribe in the Amazon, Ecuador Why? To glimpse a unique culture, but to do it sensitively and responsibly. But for some such groups, tourism is providing a cultural lifeline, and travellers staying at lodges or booking tours owned and run by the tribes themselves are helping to keep endangered traditions alive and protect their much-threatened environment from developers , while also giving visitors an authentic insight into how the peoples have existed for centuries: Spot a snow leopard in Ladakh, India Why?

The World’s 10 Best Travel Adventures

Few have seen this endangered cat. There are thought to be just 4, to 6, snow leopards left in the wild. Visit in winter, when the snow brings the cats to lower ground and, with the help of local knowledge, trained trackers and spotting scopes, you might be in luck. Flights connect Delhi to regional hub Leh 1.

There are six villages in the park; accommodation is in homestays or camping. Descend into a volcano, Iceland Why? To inject some Jules Verne adventure into your bucket list you need to head to Iceland. Lights reveal a cavern of many colours — bruise purples, sulphur yellows, blood reds.

Water drip-drips from above, while breaking into song demonstrates the excellent acoustics. It is wonderful, and very weird. Thrihnukagigur is dormant, last erupting over 4, years ago. To cruise to one of the remotest islands, aboard the last Royal Mail Ship… and before the first plane lands.

The romance of a high-seas voyage. A fascinating far-flung isle. This may tick every bucket list box. St Helena is a worthy port of call in its own right: St Helena Shutterstock The waters are brim-full of dolphins and sometimes whales; the skies wheel with myriad birds. But how much longer St Helena will remain so unique remains unclear. For now, a long trip from South Africa on the RMS St Helena is the only way to reach it, but the long-mooted airport is finally due for completion by early Sleep on a private isle in Scotland Why? Tiny Tanera Beag, the second-largest of the odd north-western Summer Isles, has never been inhabited — though you might be joined by a few sheep, occasionally brought here to graze.

Tanera Mor is 3km offshore; Tanera Beag is just beyond. Visit North Korea Why? They like the vitamins released by the roots of red mangrove trees, the relative lack of any pollution and the limited tidal exchange of their favoured bays. And because they like it here, they treat us to their unique pyro-tastic show.

There are fewer than 10 places worldwide where this phenomenon occurs, and Puerto Rico is arguably the most spectacular. There are three bioluminescent bays on the archipelago: Phosphorescent Bay at La Parguera though pollution has severely diluted its dinoflagellates ; Laguna Grande at Fajarado; and — best of all — Mosquito Bay, on the small island of Vieques.

Here, you can head out after sundown in a kayak and watch as the world beneath you starts to glow. This is not a physical test of an adventure, but a chance to see nature at its most beautifully bizarre. Ferries leave Puerto Rico for Vieques daily, and take an hour. Check a lunar calendar, as trips are best under a new or partial moon. Laguna Grande, at Fajarado, near Puerto Rico's airport, is a more accessible option.

Don't take boats with nonelectric motors — they pollute and damage dinoflagellates. Most people associate Utah with deserts and Mormons, but to mountain bikers the western town of Moab could be an acronym for Mother of All Biking towns. Pinched between Arches and Canyonlands national parks, Moab's surrounds are a mat of sand and red rock — the so-called 'slickrock' that makes mountain biking here so magnificent. Named because its surface was so slick for horses, the ancient Navajo sandstone is more like stickrock for mountain bikes, allowing riders to almost defy gravity as their wheels grip to steeply sloped rock.

The trail that attracts the vast bulk of mountain bikers is the Slickrock Trail, arguably the most famous mountain bike route in the world. Originally designed for trail bikes, the 20km loop rolls across Swiss Cheese Ridge and the Lion's Back, a rock ridge looming above Moab.

Its orange rock is like a set of cycling moguls, with ledges that drop into pits of sand followed by stiff climbs back out. But there's no need to get fixated on the Slickrock Trail: Moab has myriad bike experiences and great natural beauty to help dilute the adrenalin rushes. Novices can admire the swirling patterns in the rock as they curl around Bartlett Wash, or pass dinosaur footprints on the Klondike Bluff s Trail.

Experienced riders will want to add Porcupine Rim and Poison Spider Mesa to their resume — these trails are almost as famous as Slickrock — while multiday desert rides beckon the most adventurous on the White Rim and Kokopelli trails. In town, a number of companies offer bicycle shuttles to trailheads. Bike stores abound, but book ahead for mountain bike hire.

India's roads aren't for the faint of heart; whether you're on foot, pedalling a bike or jammed into a bus, the mayhem of packed city streets and truck-crammed highways is enough to bring on palpitations in anyone…except rickshaw drivers. Helming a canvas-topped, unstable three-wheeler with questionable brakes requires the kind of unshakable confidence and offensive driving tactics that would make a Manhattan cab driver kneel in awe.

The autorickshaw is such an icon of the Subcontinent, that it was only a matter of time before someone dreamed up the idea of a pan-Indian rickshaw odyssey. And so, in , the first Rickshaw Challenge was born. There's usually a charity fundraising element too. Access to the main starting points is easy, with international airports at Chennai, Mumbai, Kochi and Delhi, and domestic flights, trains and buses serving other endpoints.

At the time of writing, two established companies — Chennai-based Rickshaw Challenge, which launched the first rally, and the Adventurists, a UK organisation — arranged rickshaw adventures across India. Avoid travelling in monsoon season — June to October across much of India. It's the deepest on Earth — achieving a maximum depth of m, and averaging roughly m.

Looking on maps like a banana a km-long banana , Baikal has the sort of shape that simply invites you to paddle from one side of it to the other. Standing at the lake's edge, peering at a fortresslike wall of emerald mountains that mark the far shore, the urge to make that journey just gets stronger. It's all about choosing the right window. In good weather you require only a modest level of fitness, and little more than a beginner's proficiency on the oars.

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By all means, take things rather leisurely; row as slow as you want, and as zigzag a course as desired. Thus, a row across Lake Baikal is not the average Siberian's idea of a day out. They'll think you unhinged for not packing at least an outboard motor. Understandable, since a typical fishing boat here looks more like something you'd find plying the brooding waters of the North Sea.

But Baikal contains not a trace of salt — it is regarded as having some of the purest water on Earth. To cross via the Selenga River delta, put in at Selenginsk 60km from the river mouth and four hours by train from the city of Irkutsk, or an hour by train from Ulan-Ude. On the far shore, head southwest for 60km to reach Bolshoye Goloustnoye, and get a taxi to Irkutsk. Carry food for five days, plus camping gear, insect repellent, warm clothing and a waterproof shell. If you're not travelling with your own boat, it's feasible to purchase a reasonably cheap Russian-made poly or fold-up kayak at a fishing and hunting supplies store in Irkutsk or Ulan-Ude.

Every day, busloads, carloads and planeloads of people squirm through the mountains of Fiordland National Park to visit New Zealand's postcard-perfect Milford Sound, but once it was only walkers who could make it to these shores. A path to the long-inaccessible sound was made possible with the discovery of m Mackinnon Pass in by Quintin Mackinnon and Ernest Mitchell. This alpine saddle immediately became — and remains — the midpoint and centrepiece of the Milford Track, opening up access to Milford Sound decades before the road was carved through the mountains.

It wasn't until that independent walkers were allowed onto the Milford Track. Dubbed the 'finest walk in the world' by the London Spectator in , the If the experience is regimented, the landscape you'll experience is far from it. The descent follows the headwaters of the Arthur River, passing by m-high Sutherland Falls, the highest waterfall in New Zealand, and a string of other waterfalls cocooned inside rainforest.

The four-day tramp ends at Sandfly Point on the shores of Milford Sound. Bookings must be made ahead of time to walk the Milford Track in season late October to late April ; they can be made on the Department of Conservation website. The Milford Track has a long history of guided tramps, which are operated by Ultimate Hikes. Yellowstone National Park boasts true marvels: It's also one of America's most popular parks, visited by over 30, people per day in the peak months of July and August.

Trek into the park's remote southeastern corner, known as the Thorofare, and you'll lose pretty much everybody.

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The spectacular valley is bordered to the north by huge Yellowstone Lake, to the east by the brooding, volcanic Absaroka Mountains, and to the south by the Bridger-Teton Wilderness.