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That started to change when Temple spent a summer on a farm with her aunt. Like all children, Temple wanted to be hugged to help her feel safe and secure. However, she could not stand having another person hug her.

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She felt like she had no control in the situation, so it would cause her to panic. So she used the squeeze chute on herself and instantly felt a sense of calm come over her. Immediately, she wanted to create a machine that would give her the same sensation she felt in the squeeze chute. So when she got back from Arizona, Temple got straight to work in her other great passion in life — building things. She was so excited about this that she would spend hours researching machine design without any boredom.

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Because she was so focused on her goal of building the squeezing mechanism, she overcame her weakness of understanding things in words! Eventually, she built a makeshift squeeze chute that she would use to calm her anxiety through the social awkwardness of her adolescents. She wanted to know why the machine impacted her so positively. So she became obsessed with how touch and pressure affect autistic children.

Still an outcast, she had ample time alone for research and studying. Although reading through textbooks took her longer than normal children, it provided a great platform to practice learning through books.

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This helped her immensely as she progressed through high school. Temple wasn't a stellar student by any means, but with each passing year, her options grew. After years of passionate research and remarkable improvements in her learning ability, Temple went to University - eventually graduating with a Master's in animal science. When she entered the working world, Temple became more than just an autism success story, she became the greatest innovator in her field.

She felt their fear, she felt their pain, and she felt their feelings of panic.

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She literally went through the entire production process as if she were the cow, then made changes based on what the cow sees and feels. The men in the feedlots laughed at her crazy ideas of "cattle psychology", but Temple was used to ridicule at that point. No injuries, no deaths, no panic, and no forcing the cattle to move. Thus, Temple went from having no brighter future than working on an assembly line, to being one of the greatest assembly line innovators since Henry Ford.

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Today, she is a world renowned author, speaker, and one of the greatest inspirations for autistic children everywhere who now know that success is possible for them. Temple Grandin truly is a hero. She was born with a disorder that stopped thousands of other children from having a good life, and thousands more from even having the right to their own freedom.

But in all likelihood, whatever your bad luck is, it is not nearly as bad as Temple's bad luck of being born with severe autism in the s! She didn't have to hear "nothing is impossible" from parents and teachers, she knew from experience! Before high school, she had already discovered her life's passion - building things, and working with animals. She didn't have to hear "follow your dreams", she was already following them!

Then she developed the willpower to research and study because she was isolated from her friends and had ample time alone to follow her passions. It helps me to reflect on the simple wisdom that can be found in each one of them.

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And I must say, your analysis is on spot. I would even go so far as to say that without your analysis, I would not have understood the intention and meaning behind some of these quotes. You must have done huge research to gather this information. I sometimes make my own quote and in my dream, someone will come in future to collect them.

Amazing collaboration of quotes, steve mueller, I send the quotes to about 30 people in my phone and it brings them joy. The quotes are wonderful because their message is strength and the promise is hope. One day at a time is all anyone can ask for and with these quotes and explanations, you have made me overcome pitfalls in my own life. I was in active addiction and found myself being miserable and isolated because all hope was lost for me.

After i began to find treatment and understood the main cause of my addiction was psychological, i began to search for things that can uplift me in the day, whether it is in the morning afternoon or at night. I find your quotes the best and it has helped me every day for the past few months. So i greatly thank you for paying it forward to one person. I wake up feel bummed and I read the quotes. I also copy and paste the quotes in the mornng and send them out to people because I find it helps me get the day started and I hope to uplift a person if they are feeling miserable or their day is not going well.

It has helped plenty of people and they thank me for the wonderful quotes. So I thank you for your time and effort in putting this togethor and you have a wonderful day!! Thanks Eugene, for all the support and kind words. Keep on fighting because it is worth it. I wish of the best of luck and you too have a wonderful day. Here is an example of one of the texts that i use with your quotes in the morning to get people started on their day..

The weather is getting nicer outside!! Use this feedback to continuously improve yourself. There are some incredibly motivating quotes, thank you for that. Yes there are others that also inspiring but these ones have a great power. Thanks for putting all this work into it. I want you to live free--free to discover and reach your potential. I work from Gestalt theory, which is a holistic, integrative perspective that considers mind, body, spirit, and your environment.

Through traditional talk therapy and creative, experiential, body-centered methods, I will help you build awareness of your unique adaptations to your environment to allow a natural shift to healthier and more fulfilling responses to life. Together we will find ways to cope with and overcome the stresses, pains, obstacles and trauma of life. Your happiness, peace of mind and clear thinking are worth it. From personal relationships, motivation and mental health to work-related issues, my approach to your needs focuses on your experiences, strengths and goals.

My therapeutic approach is compassionate, collaborative, positive and direct". I offer an accepting, nonjudgmental environment and I aim to meet people where ever they are in life. I believe my warm, genuine nature helps to create a strong therapeutic relationship that can foster the growth many are looking for. My experience includes ongoing work with many issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, shame, grief, addictions, and relationship issues.

I am also able to provide chemical dependency assessments and some outpatient addiction treatment services. Find Psychiatrists in Bozeman, MT. I enjoy working with adolescents, adults, couples, and families who are seeking compassionate support with anxiety, depression or a challenging transition or experience. I work hard to create a space to foster positive growth and strengthen overall quality of life through personal awareness.

I believe that each individual has unique gifts and strengths within them, and when given the support and guidance through the counseling process, great progress can be made. My approach is Eclectic in nature, as I use techniques from all schools of therapy to best meet the needs of the client. You can break free from negative thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that keep you stuck and unhappy. As writer Ann Lamott says: Give yourself a chance to live the life you deserve. John Christopher Psychologist , PhD. I work with people with a broad range of emotional, behavioral and medical issues to help them develop awareness of their internal states and more effectively work with their emotions, lessen their stress response, and improve their immune function.

For over twenty years I've assisted health care professionals and the general public in cultivating self-care and preventing burnout. I work with people who are experiencing a broad base of issues, including anxiety, life transitions, and unresolved trauma. I offer a secure environment where you can explore at a pace that works for you.

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This work has a way of inviting our being into the world, letting us live more fully. My approach is influenced by attachment theory and psychoanalysis.

How Temple Grandin Overcame Challenges With Autism to Achieve Greatness — Willpowered Evolution

My experience allows me to work in deeper ways that help my clients to make meaningful and often dramatic changes in the way that they feel about themselves. These internal changes often lead to exciting and fulfilling external changes i. When clients have feelings of depression, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, or lack of connection - I work with them in ways that help them to uncover and heal the parts of themselves that may have them stuck in these places or feeling these emotions.

Through counseling, mindful awareness, behavioral modifications, and lifestyle changes, it is possible to reclaim peace and joy in life. My role, as a therapist, is to help my clients find strength within themselves to acknowledge life challenges. My goal is to help yoy overcome life's obstacles and find more authenticity, connection, and meaning in your life.