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Again there were many aborted attempts, and the final version was take nine. John Lennon double-tracked his lead vocals and overdubbed his harmonica part to complete the song. The final version, including these additions, was take In the US it featured on the film soundtrack album of the same name, which was released on 26 June. The album also contained an orchestrated version, scored and conducted by George Martin.

The song was released as a single in a number of European countries, including Norway, where it topped the charts, and West Germany, where it reached number six.

Monica - U Should've Known Better (Album Version)

Does anyone else hear the cough at The Beach Boys cover this on their Party album. I love, love this song.

Should've Known Better! | Pale Lips

I always thought that John was the heart, Paul was the brains, George was the soul, and Ringo was the drummer. He was the fourth Beatle -in my humble opinion. Does anybody know what is it? Check this all you Beatles aficionados: Well there was Bob Dylan, whom the Beatles were getting into in , who was playing the harmonica. This song was always one of my favorites. I knew when I first heard it, The Beatles music would be forever part of my life.

I believe he normally used a Hohner Marine Band harmonica.

I Should Have Known Better (Jim Diamond song)

Thanks for your reply and the link. I find it quite weird with how John played the harmonica on this song and it says he played acoustic guitar as well. He just sang and played harmonica, I find that weird.

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If you watch both videos from A HArd Days Night closely, you will see John is using a chromatic harmonica which requires both hands, one pressing the button with his left hand. This Lennon song is a masterpiece. In the pop music before the Beatles, the songs tension usually disappear in the middle part, you only are waiting for the good first bit to come back, but here the tension increases! It is absolute marvellous.

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The more you listen, the better. I can see no influence from Dylan here. The Beatles were all often seen smoking cigarettes in those early days, so perhaps this shortness-of-breath may have added to the fact that his microphone usually the Neumann U47 Tube was easily able to detect this detail with ease. I will never tire of anything by The Beatles! On the original mono recording, the opening harmonica solo is perfect, and it is nearly impossible to hear John gasping for air as he prepares to sing the next verse.

I especially can appreciate the many differences between some of their mono and stereo versions. In this video at 0: I can tell it it for this song because it is on beat with the music. The handclaps would have been a very fine addition. Not unheard of for a pop song, but it does seem like this album has a particularly high concentration of chorusless song that are nevertheless instantly catchy and memorable.

Mmmmm get real people and stop arguing.


One band Many amazing sounds and one conclusion. It is indeed a nonsense lyric. Still a good but not great song -both versions of it, one with correct and one with less-than-perfect harmonica intro. Only time it was done in concert was for the Oct-Nov UK tour from which there sadly are no known recordings at all. Is it suppposed to be like that?

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I think that last note was done on purpose. I personally love how the solo ended. I think George intended the solo to end the way it did to differ it from the vocal. Great song, written by John Lennon. Knew this song well from the radio when I was a kid. The original vinyl intro has a lovely little percussive stop or gap in the fourth bar.

It might have been a mistake but it still sounded good. Just like in the movie I Wanna Hold Your Hand we would run down the street with our transistor radio in hand screaming with excitement at each new release. A blessed time to be alive. Hi, as an ex recording engineer, that break has always caught my attention…it seems possible that somebody messed up in the mix down and turned the harmonica off prematurely, as it clicks back in a second after disappearing…but it was decided to leave it that way….

Just an amazingly infectious pop song with truly incredible vocals from John.

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  6. Almost gives me chills on the second bridge, where his voice is not double tracked as it is throughout the rest of the song. Are there any live versions of this song available? The only time it was used in concert was for the 27 city tour in the UK during October and November Not a second of this song from any of the 54 shows are known to exist on audio or video.

    Unfortunately, very little exists of The Beatles performing in Britain after Thank you for the reply and fascinating info Jonas. There are four I really go for: Dave Xnet Saturday 22 August Do the other takes still exist? Didn't make it any better Letting you go Didn't make it any better Should've known better.

    They said go and forget her Didn't make it any better They said should've known better. Toss and turn reaching out but you're never there Try to forget but your smell is in the air So darling can't you see? We were living in a dream I cry and you know that I don't try to call Kiss you goodbye I'll take the blame for it all.

    So hold me close They say they known but they don't They said go and forget her They said should've known better. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.