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As adults, Spartan women were allowed to own and manage property. Additionally, they were typically unencumbered by domestic responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning and making clothing, tasks which were handled by the helots. Marriage was important to Spartans, as the state put pressure on people to have male children who would grow up to become citizen-warriors, and replace those who died in battle.

The Spartan Constitution

Men who delayed marriage were publically shamed, while those who fathered multiple sons could be rewarded. In preparation for marriage, Spartan women had their heads shaved; they kept their hair short after they wed. Married couples typically lived apart, as men under 30 were required to continue residing in communal barracks. In order to see their wives during this time, husbands had to sneak away at night. In a further blow, late the following year, Thebangeneral Epaminondas c.

The Spartans would continue to exist, although as a second-rate power in a long period of decline. In ,Otto , the king of Greece, ordered thefounding of the modern-daytown of Spartion the site of ancient Sparta. We strive for accuracy and fairness. But if you see something that doesn't look right, contact us!

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Ancient Greece facts for kids

The so-called golden age of Athenian culture flourished under the leadership of Pericles B. Athens and Sparta, both powerful Greek city-states, had fought as allies in the Greco-Persian Wars between and B. In the wake of the Persian retreat, however, Athens grew more powerful and tensions rose, escalating into nearly three decades of war. The Athenian philosopher Plato c. In his written dialogues he conveyed and expanded on the ideas and techniques of his teacher Socrates. The classical period was an era of war and conflict—first between the Greeks and the Persians, then between the How will it end?

Who was the first man? Where do souls go after death? Although Leonidas lost the battle, his death at Thermopylae was seen as a heroic sacrifice because he sent most Hercules known in Greek as Heracles or Herakles is one of the best-known heroes in Greek and Roman mythology. His life was not easy—he endured many trials and completed many daunting tasks—but the reward for his suffering was a promise that he would live forever among the gods Viewed by many as the founding figure of Western philosophy, Socrates B.

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Spartan Society Sparta, also known as Lacedaemon, was an ancient Greek city-state located primarily in the present-day region of southern Greece called Laconia. The Spartan Military Unlike such Greek city-states as Athens, a center for the arts, learning and philosophy, Sparta was centered on a warrior culture.

Spartan Women and Marriage Spartan women had a reputation for being independent-minded, and enjoyed more freedoms and power than their counterparts throughout ancient Greece. Decline of the Spartans In B. Pericles The so-called golden age of Athenian culture flourished under the leadership of Pericles B. Plato The Athenian philosopher Plato c. When we talk about Ancient Greece, we usually mean the years between BC and BC when there was a lot of cultural, social and scientific progress. Ancient Greece is often called 'the birthplace of Western Civilisation', because we still follow a lot of its philosophy, architecture and culture today.

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  • Ancient Greek literature and poetry is still popular today; school children worldwide still study the vast range of Greek myths, which feature mythical monsters, heroes and Greek gods. The Olympic Games, which began in Greece in BC as a religious festival dedicated to Zeus, took place every four years for over years! However, the Romans respected the Greeks and they adopted several Greek gods as their own, as well as being influenced by Greek architecture and culture.

    The Ancient Greeks worshipped many gods and goddesses. Many of the gods were part human, which meant they were not perfect!

    Sparta Government Lesson for Kids: History & Facts

    They were immortal, though, which means they would live forever. Ancient Greeks believed that the twelve most important gods lived on Mount Olympus. Zeus was the wisest and most important of all the gods. He was God of the Earth and the Sky, and is often shown holding a bolt of lightning. The Ancient Greeks believed that Zeus threw bolts of lightning when he was angry, causing our thunderstorms. Ancient Greece was not a united country with one king or leader.

    A day in the life of an ancient Athenian - Robert Garland

    Instead, it was made up of lots of city-states, each with its own ruler. There was always a large city at the centre of a city-state. Each city-state had formed its own government, and some had kings as well. The two most powerful city-states were Athens and Sparta. Sparta is well-known for its military strength. It had a very strong army, because Spartan boys trained to become warriors from the time they were 7 years old. They joined a tough military school where they learnt how to become a mighty warrior. Ancient Greece is famous for its mythology. Greek myths are stories that include magic and creatures, as well as the Greek gods and goddesses.

    There is usually a message at the end of the story. The myths were often stories of good versus evil, with characters facing difficult obstacles. Medusa and her two sisters were monsters called Gorgons.

    Medusa looked like an ugly witch with poisonous snakes instead of hair. She turned people to stone by looking them in the eye. She was eventually defeated by Perseus, who avoided looking Medusa in the eye by using his shield as a mirror to see where she was. He then slayed her with his sword.

    History: Ancient Greece for Kids

    The Ancient Greeks built many impressive buildings, including temples, theatres and palaces. We still use many of the Ancient Greek designs and styles today. You will often see these designs in government buildings, museums and libraries, because modern democracy and arts are based on Ancient Greek ideas. Buildings tended to be symmetrical, with very high ceilings. Examples of Ancient Greek styles being used in modern buildings are everywhere: There are so many wonderful places to experience this rich part of history.

    Here are just some suggestions to bring history to life. This was to keep it protected from attacks. Most Ancient Greek cities had an acropolis, which is where they built temples and other important buildings.

    The first female Olympic victor was Spartan

    In Athens, the Parthenon and other temples were built on the Acropolis. You can visit the Acropolis in Athens today, which is where you can also visit the Parthenon, the impressive temple that dates back to the 5th century BC.