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Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. A Iiero and a heroine. The masculine gender de- notes the maie sex; as a man, a lion. He is a Portuguese. Greeks, died years before Christ. Voyez II, E, 3" — o. OascS serve as - Exercise benefits health. Silver cornes from Peru and Mexico. It looks like a deer, and his long horns. Voyez II, S, 5 — 'j. Voyez B — 5.

Never be ashamed to do what is right. To awake ; I awoke or awaked. Tous les mots de ce! To forsake; I forsook ; forsaken. Voyez 11 URE, r. Angel ; archangel, — Ever; liowever; whoever; whatever; cependant quoi To attribute; to distribute. To take; to overtake.

Be satisfied with your lot. Danger; dangerous ; dangerously. To pro- secute ; prosecutor ; prosecutrix. Positiveness ton tranchant isone of the most certain marks ofaweakjudgment.

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A promonfory is a point of land stretching inlo the sea. He is a distinguished barrister. To consist; consistent; consistency; consistently. To minister; to administer. Deliberate long on that which you can do but once. Voyez IL ED, 3' k.

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The older and more inveterate a wound, the more painful the re- medy, and the more desperate the cure. Voyez Rccapitulation , I, QU. An idolater and an idolatress. Voyez I, S, 4". To overtake; I overtook; overtaken. A benefactor and a benefactress. We liave had a winter more than ordinarily severe. The secretariship of the navy was once held by the celebrated Mr. W, 4" et IV, EE. Count; account; accountable; unaccountable. Reason ; reasonable ; unreasonable ; unreasonableness.

Merton, very much astonished at such disinterestedness, pressed him with evtry argument he could think of, but ail that he said was in vain.

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Avail; available; unavailable; unavailableness. To abound; abundant; abundantly; superabundantly. Voyez I, T, nota. Portion; proportion; disproportion; disproportionate; dispropor- tionately. The motives which governed the political conduct of Charles the Se- cond differed widely from those by which his predecessor and his successor were actuated. Every one that speaks or reasons is a grammarian and a logician, though he may be wholly unacquainted grammairien with the ruies of grammar or logic, as they are delivered in books exposer and Systems.

Prosperity gains friends, adversity tries them. It is proposed that laboratories and assistance for giving practical aide instructions in physics, chemistry and biology shouldbeprovided. It is also used to mark the possessive case, as, the farmers house, thefarmers' houses, — La Ro- chefoucauld, thedexterousanatomistofselMove, says that weconfess habi! Voyez I, TH, 2" et I. Le premier mot de chaque groupe indique la prononciation: In this place they fish a great deal of fine plaice.

The flesh of deer is dear now.

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Uead the fable of the oak and the reei. This seam does not seem to me to be well done.

Aye, I do see some- Ihing in it. Were I not afraid to tire you, I would lell you what Iknow of Tyre. I owe him nothing. A herd of roe-deer crossed the road near that fine row of chesnut- trees. Le premier mot de c'iaque groupe indique la prononciation: Have you seen the black ewe iymg under the yew-tree? The engineer led his friends to tlie lead-mines. Do not tie the knot so hard. The trurapet has just sounded the signal to commence the joust, — None appeared more pitiable than Ihis poor nun.

She cannot bear the bare sight of a bear. Indeed, Sir, ail that savetier l live by is with the awl. The year you were born, he was borne to that country from whose bourn, as Hamlet says, no traveller returns. One couple of the Ihree friends immediately took one partridge to himselr, leaving the other to his friends, who said it was not fair. Gain was not able to conceal the murder of Abel. Tlie medlar-trce is found in many parts of central Europe.

Call me cousin , but cozen me net. The treacherous wiy in whicli th s prince tried to invade our count! The haie old man was drinking his glass of good old als. Does ariything ail you? Opcn is the modem form. The population of Ilayti is estimated at five hundred and eighty thousand inhabitants.

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He is a learned lawyer and an able advocate. To object to the measure pro- but s'opposer posed. They proposed, the king. It was in August, and not in July, that our august monarch died. Dans he hjth, il a, et scath, malj a se prononce comme dans cap. A se prononce comme e de met dans: A, se prononce comme au de cause dans: VII A est muet dans: AI et AY, se prononcent comme e de met dans les seuls: AY, se prononce comme e de mete dans le seul: AI et AY, se prononcent comme i de fine dans les seuls: He lives like a man in a palsy, with one side of liim dead. AL, se prononce comme a de car dans: AR, se prononce comme a de cap dans: AR; se prononce comme aij de may dans les seuls: IL ARE se prononce comme ar de car dans les seuls: IL AU, se prononce comme a de car.

AU se prononce comme o de not dans les seuls: Il est muet dans les mots suivants: The Spaniards, confident of success, styled it the Invincible Armada. It was signally defeated by the appeler English fleet. II C, se prononce comme k, dans le seul: CH, se prononce comme k: He is, my lord, and safe in Leicester town.

CH, est muet dans: Il est muet dans: E, est muet dans: EA, se Drononce comme a de cape dans les seuls: IL EAU, se prononce comme u de tube dans le seul: Ve de cette terminaison ne se prononce pas: Voyez pages 49, 50, , Voyez pages 51, , Ve de cette terminaison se prononce: Voyez pages 52, , EE, se prononce comme i de fin dans les seuls: El et EY, se prononcent comme e de mete dans: El et EY, se prononcent comme a de cape daos: El et EY, se prononcent comme i de fine dans les seuls: Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven 1 — King Alfred reigned twenty-cight years.

Lend me your legs and I will lend you my eyes. So we shall both get home. El et EY, se prononcent comme e de met dans les seuls: EO, se prononce comme e de mete dans le seul: EO, se prononce comme e de met dans les seuls: EO, se prononce comme o de note dans le seul: Voyez page 67 V. EO, se prononce comme u de tube dans le seul: L'e de ce groupe se prononce comme e de met dans les mots suivants: ER, se prononce comme ar de car dans les seuls: The first fault is the child of simpUcity, but every other is the offspring of guilt.

EW, se prononce comme o de note dans les seuls: Il a le son de v dans le seul: G, suivi de e ou de i, se prononce comme gue dans: Dans les deux cas, le g se prononce comme dans judge, acknowledge, lodge, abridge. GG, par exception, se prononce dj dans les seuls: GH, est muet dans: Once common, it is now confined to the stage. GN et GM '. H est muet dans les seuls mots suivants: Yes, Sir, it is. I est muet dans les seuls: IR, par exception, se prononce comme i de fin dans: IR, se prononce comme i de fine dans: J, se prononce comme i dans le seul: Il est toujours muet quand il est suivi d'un n, cmme dans: L, a le son de r dans le seul: LF, sont muets dans le seul: I et N, n'ont jamais le son nasal; am se prononce amm; an, ann.