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Walking tours in Rome: How to See The Highlights of Rome - Finding the Universe

Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. Ready to judge their throwdown? A Haunting 8am 7c. A Haunting 9am 8c. A Haunting 10am 9c.

A Haunting 11am 10c. Paranormal Survivor 12pm 11c. Paranormal Survivor 1pm 12c. Paranormal Survivor 2pm 1c. Paranormal Survivor 3pm 2c. These Woods Are Haunted 4pm 3c. Just to advise you that you need to be a little bit clever when it comes to planning your visit. Thankfully, Walks of Italy has come up with a cunning solution to the problem of crowds.

A Tour of the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica

Which does require you to get up a little early, admittedly. Not everything is perfect in life it seems. Still, if you get up early you might catch a lovely sunrise over the Tiber river, as in the first photo in this post, which I caught on the way to this particularly tour. So it can all work out. The key point is that this group tour goes into the Vatican Museum at 8am — a whole hour before the Vatican Museum opens for general admission. Meaning you get to wander practically empty corridors in the Vatican! In addition, the guide expertly leads the group through the maze that is the Vatican Museum and straight to the Sistine Chapel as the first port of call, meaning you get to experience it with just a handful of other early birds.

I have been to the Vatican before, and the Sistine Chapel. Except I went mid-afternoon with the rest of the crowds. Nearly six million people pop into the Vatican Museum every year, and trust me, it can be a crowded experience. This tour was a wonderful contrast to that. Being able to freely walk through the almost empty corridors of the museum and then leisurely just enjoy the unbelievable masterpiece that is the Sistine Chapel was truly marvellous.

Following the Sistine Chapel, the tour then goes through the highlights of Vatican Museum collection, including masterpieces by Raphael and Michelangelo. As the time passes, the museum does get more crowded of course, but you will see a good deal of it before it is too crowded. No-one on our group chose to do that, but it was there as a choice.

Walking tours in Rome: How to See The Highlights of Rome

Finally, the tour culminated with a tour around St. This is one of the most important, and largest, churches of the Catholic religion, and is very much worth visiting on a guided tour. The tour ended inside the Basilica, where we could continue to explore at our leisure, and to visit the crypt or head up the dome if we wanted.

Of course, the other features that make Walks of Italy tours memorable were all here too. A knowledgable, friendly guide and a group that was 12 people in size, making the tour more intimate and personable. In total, we spent just under four hours with our guide, and I very much recommend this as a great way to start your Roman experience, with the rest of the afternoon free for your own adventures. I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed Gastone and his complete knowledge of the sites. He was very personable and accommodating.

I would definitely recommend Gastone and this tour company to anyone visiting Rome. Our tour guide Stefano skillfully moved us through the hoardes taking us to the best areas to view the amazing sculptures, paintings and artifacts. I cannot recommend them enough. Download map of Rome.