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I also really enjoyed Cassie's aunt. She was somewhat eccentric. The plot of the novel was as original as it gets in my opinion. For those that have or will read this novel which I highly recommend you'll understand what I'm speaking about. Sadly, since this is a spoiler free review I can't exactly mention what mythological creatures Sally Dubats involves in her story. But let me say this is the first story I've read that involves them and I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed this novel.

I'm so glad I read this in October because it makes a great Halloween read. Definitely TBR pile material! The following review is copied from my blog, here. Veil Between Worlds is the first book in what will be a series of 8, each of which will focus on a different sabbat the holidays that Wiccans and other Pagans celebrate. This one takes place at Samhain, ie. The main character, Cassie, is a Wiccan, who uses her witchcraft to find out why she's missing part of her memory, and how that's connected to the mysterious and attractive Trenton.

Veil Between Worlds by Sally Dubats

I was really excited wh The following review is copied from my blog, here. I was really excited when I heard about this book, because books with Pagan characters are unfortunately few and far between. I was not disappointed. Sally Dubats weaves a wonderful fantasy story, while incorporating aspects of real-world Wicca in a way that makes sense even to those of us who don't know a whole lot about Wicca.

Sometimes Cassie frustrated me with the things she did, but over the course of the story you really see her grow as a person. I liked how characters that were initially introduced as people that Cassie didn't really like turned out to have more to them than meets the eye, and became important parts of the story, with Cassie gradually realising that she had misjudged them. As for the plot, it really kept me guessing! I don't think there was a single time while reading this book when I thought "Oh, I saw that coming! Trenton and his family are so mysterious, and I was constantly wondering what would happen next.

It is definitely a page turner! I'm looking forward to the next book in the series. Aug 27, Morrigan Aoife rated it it was amazing. Veil Between Worlds, is not your average YA book! The MC, Cassie has descended from generations of witches. She is intelligent and from the very start of the story she has an understanding of the Wiccan religion but like a typical teenager is somewhat unsure of herself and fears others do not accept her for who and what she is. Although I am not a Wiccan myself, I have studied Wicca using Farrar's texts and have witnessed a number of rituals.

I found the accurate depiction The Grimoire Chronicles: I found the accurate depiction of Wicca contained in The Grimoire Chronicles really resonated with me. I actually burst out laughing when Cassie thinks to herself "Why would someone from a different religion worship someone else's devil? Trenton, the boy, for of course there always is a boy, will keep you guessing. His species and abilities are not ones that are typically found in YA or Adult books today and I found that to be a very refreshing change. You may start out thinking, you just might know what he is, but believe me you have no idea I found Trenton and his family to be an excellent example of how creatures of myth, legend and English literature can be reinvented and incorporated into a modern work of fiction.

Cassie evolves as the story progresses experiencing a vast amount of character growth that enriches the story. One of the main points made in the book, people are not always what they appear to be so it's best not to label people. Oct 31, Heather rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a brilliant foray into paranormal romance and Wicca practices. This stunning beautiful masterpiece drew me in from the first page as the book touched on many aspects of my solitary Pagan path.

The author is a practicing Wicca; her book introduced the reader into the different facets of the Wicca religion. Basic concepts were touched upon in the beginning of the book, weaving the Wicca element with romance masterfully. It was a refresher on some of my own practices so I enjoyed it immense This is a brilliant foray into paranormal romance and Wicca practices. It was a refresher on some of my own practices so I enjoyed it immensely. Some of the things that were shared in the book were astral travel, tarot cards, spell crafting, Book of Shadows, the God and Goddess, reincarnation, and Summerland.

The average reader may be put off at first with the alternative religion references but if they have an open mind, they will thoroughly enjoy the flow of the book. This is granted a 5 star rating for the blend of romance, Wicca practices, and paranormal. I am highly anticipating the next book in the series.

Jan 05, Ali rated it it was amazing. Within a couple of minutes of reading, I realized how much I wanted to be in this world. The rich descriptions allow the reader to feel like they are there while the story develops with some unexpected twists. The witchcraft within the book is honest and wonderfully done within the story.

Gives those unfamiliar a glimpse into the life of a real witch, without distracting from the story. Fantasy and reality mix well to share insights while sweeping you into a tale you won't soon forget. I couldn't Within a couple of minutes of reading, I realized how much I wanted to be in this world. I couldn't put it down.

As a fan of Sally Dubat's nonfiction resource, Natural Magick: In the Grimoire Chronicles: Veil Between Worlds, she proves to be a great writer in both styles! Simply can't wait til the following book in the series is available. Mar 31, Mariposa rated it it was amazing. This book was a joy to read. Not only were the characters engaging, but the plot was beautifully thought out. The sub-plots added a delightful dimension. The fact that Ms. Dubats clearly knows Wicca is a huge bonus--she didn't give in to the common habit of making things up out of thin air. The story was fast-paced and interesting and no vampires--yay!

The spells were made all the better because they're real. Mar 18, Amanda Carpenter rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed reading this book. I loved the fact that the author created the leading character, Cassie as a truly believable teenage witch. By this, I mean, Cassie practices the craft in a truly real-life manner which resembles that of many modern day witches around the world. Wicca is her religion, and I found this book to have the religion aspect and craft incorporated into it better than most other books I have read in a similar genre.

Most stories with a leading character as a witch have I really enjoyed reading this book. Most stories with a leading character as a witch have so many embellishments and so much fictional information added that they do not really portray what Wicca and the craft mean to real witches. In this department, this book goes above and beyond by not doing this. It is refreshing to have a fictional work incorporate so much knowledge and real-life information. Being a witch myself, studying the craft for many years and with Wicca being my religion as well, the lifelike feel of the book was something that hit home and made it a very enjoyable read.

Grimoire Chronicles Book

I understand though that this was a work of fiction, and found the fictional story line just as enjoyable and interesting. I really loved the introduction by Sally Dubats of the use of Sirens in fiction. I have not read much including these mythical beings since high school. I love having something new like this that I am not used to reading about as well because it has a nice fresh feel to it.

This was a great story! Now onto a few notes simply for myself to read over when the next one comes out to help refresh my memory of what I liked most about the story. I can't wait to see how their relationship develops. It was amazing that they instantly had the strong connection pulling each other to the astral plane when one so desired to speak to the other in such a manner. I loved the discussion of them being "matches". Of course there has to be a love triangle though, so I can't wait to see what else Iris has up her sleeve if she is to be included in more stories.

Trenton and his whole family were quite interesting characters. I enjoyed reading the parts about Siren information and how they are where the whole vampire lore stemmed from and such; this is an interesting twist I had never considered before.

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However, I have not done my homework on sirens before, so I am glad Sally has! I was saddened to find that Cassie's friend Violet died, but had an inkling earlier on in the book when Cassie was noting that she hadn't returned any of her text messages. I especially liked how Cassie lit a candle for Violet to help her cross over on Samhain even while in the astral plane.

This was a great portrayal of one of the Wiccan new year rituals. The scene of the Goddess and God coming to welcome and guide Violet into Summerland was one of my favorites. I am intrigued though, and hope there is more information in the next book about how Violet died. She mentioned to Cassie that she was trying to get back to her or something of the sort, but didn't make it. I am still wondering what this means.

The bit about some people seeing Cassie as a ghost at the party and freaking out as most teens tend to do about such things was great. The comparison to how her aunt told her many people saw a ghost at the Samhain festival but showed no reaction when Cassie was there was also a typical reaction from a gathering of witches. I don't know why, but these little tidbits are some of my favorite things from this book because it is things like this that show how closely to real life this work of fiction has been created. It is what I feel makes it believable and enjoyable to read.

Lastly, I almost forgot to add that I love the shattering of stereotyping that came from the dyad project Cassie worked on with her new found friend Holly! It takes a look straight into the true life of a high school teenager and takes down some of those boundaries between cliques for Cassie. She found out that Holly has wild seemingly unmanageable hair too, but spends a lot of time and effort on it. She finds that Holly is not stupid or vapid as she previously presumed of many of the pretty cheerleader bunch. Most of all she learned that everyone is a person and that people often have more similarities than differences.

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I liked the touch of Holly living with her grandmother and wanting to become a physical therapist to help others as a way to show that everyone has something with which they are dealing. The control is in your attitude and outlook and how you want to view your life or what you want to make of your life.

I can't wait to read the next one. Mar 24, Jessica Stuck in Books rated it really liked it Shelves: So, I just finished The Grimoire Chronicles: Veil Between Worlds by Sally Dubats. To be honest, when I began readin this I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. Yes, I thought it looked good and it was certainly the kind of book I would read- witchcraft, gorgeously enchanting male interest that has some secrets -but I didn't really set my hopes too high.

Then I began reading the book. It was a great book! The prelude prompts questions that has answers within the secrets of the book, and t So, I just finished The Grimoire Chronicles: The prelude prompts questions that has answers within the secrets of the book, and the first chapter draws you in so you can understand what the heck she - Cassie - means.

Ah, then there is the romance.

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  • I do not hide the fact that I am a romance junkie. If there is romance in a book, I will probably read it no matter what other factors are involved. Cassie and Trenton - who I will tell you about later in my character rundown - meet in circumstances that aren't the best. But then they grow on each other. It's one of those relationships where they're sort of annoyed with each other a bit in the beginning, but then grow on each other because they are such nice, caring people.

    And then there's the fact that Trenton has a Match, but I'll let you learn that stuff yourself when you read it. My point here is, there is a decent amount of romance, and it holds the story up but does not dominate the story. There is much, much more to this story than romance, but the romance is sufficient to keep people like me riveted.

    All right, NOW it is character rundown time. I shall tell you about the two main characters- Cassie and Trenton. Cassie is the protaganist, the girl we're hearing - or reading, I guess - the story from. She practices Wicca and is the odd girl out in school and around town. Immensely shy, exceedingly friendly most of the time, and genuinely kind. Yes, the kind thing is different than the friendly thing. What gets me about Cassie is that she has this unexpected drive in her. A drive that leads her into protecting and helping those she cares about.

    I really liked that about her. Now on to Trenton. In the beginning he tried to play the whole I-don't-really-care-leave-me-alone-at-least-I-let-you-live thing, but then he sincerely cares about Cassie and I loved that. He ends up adoring Cassie, which made me very happy. Sweet boys always get me. What I particularly liked about Trenton, though, was his confidence.

    Veil Between Worlds

    He was confident, but only to a certain point. I liked that he knew his limits regarding this and wasn't one of those over-confident idiot boys. They can irriatate me. So I thoroughly enjoyed Trenton. I have a real sof spot for him and his French accent. The ending was not terrible. I was happy about that. Since there IS going to be more books to go along with this one - this was the first in an eight part series; the next book is called Winter Solstice - I was dreading the fact that there would be a huge cliff-hanger at the end, like there was at the end of The Lost Saint.

    Luck was with me, though. The ending is NOT a dreadful cliff-hanger, though it is intriguing. It pushes you toward the next book, and man do I want to read the enxt one NOW, but it does not shove it at you and make you want that book so so so so so bad when you can't have it. I can breathe as I wait. Now for the rating. I rate The Grimoire Chronicles: Veil Between Worlds with 4 out of 5 stars. I truly enjoyed this book and suggest it to anyone who like witchcraft type things or has an interest in Wicca.

    You can learn a bunch in this book. Or if you're just looking for a nice adventure with a nice male lead. You should totally check out this book. I think you will end up enjoying it just as I did. Aug 17, Julia Hughes rated it it was amazing Shelves: Returning home from school, 17 year old Cassie meets Trenton, a handsome youth with a honeyed voice who has just moved into the area with his family. After this encounter, Cassie finds herself at home with her eccentric aunt, her only living relative. Cassie knows something catalystic has taken place.

    The trouble is she cannot remember what. Using her natural talents and learned knowledge of the wiccan craft, Cassie summons Trenton's spirit to an astral plane. She quickly discovers that Trenton Returning home from school, 17 year old Cassie meets Trenton, a handsome youth with a honeyed voice who has just moved into the area with his family. She quickly discovers that Trenton belongs to a presumed mythical race, who feed from humans to survive. Yet even in spirit form, Trenton is not without his own powers, and warns Cassie to beware of both him and his family. Still shaken from Trenton's implied threats, Cassie is dismayed to discover that her partner in a school project will be Holly, chief cheerleader.

    A girl with golden skin and hair who is 'Miss Popular' while Cassie feels her self to be the strange 'witchy' one. Cassie's only friend moved States some time ago and appears to be growing apart from her. The only other person who wants to be friends at school is a younger girl Cassie thinks of dismissively as 'mouse.

    Although on the surface 'The Family' appear to be beautiful stylish people, Cassie senses they are not what they seem. Her worst fears are confirmed when her life is threatened. She manages to escape by blurting out that she has met Trenton.

    Astounded by this news, the family release her, on condition Cassie contacts Trenton again and persaudes him to come home. Cassie realises that whatever the family are, Trenton is trying to escape from the destiny they have planned for him. To her surprise, Cassie learns that Holly is not what she appears either. The Witches' New Year looms, and the veil between this world and the next grows thin.

    Time is running out, and Cassie delves deeply into the highest arts of Witchcraft to discover the terrifying truth… and to survive. Will Cassie be trapped between worlds? The story is fantasy. The spells are real. For those that have or will read this novel which I highly recommend you'll understand what I'm speaking about. Sadly, since this is a spoiler free review I can't exactly mention what mythological creatures Sally Dubats involves in her story. But let me say this is the first story I've read that involves them and I was pleasantly surprised.

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