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Not murder on the beach. But where Poppy goes, trouble follows. Socialite joins private investigator to vindicate a man unjustly accused of murder in 's San Francisco. A fast-paced, riveting whodunit. The Joe Johnson Thriller Series: Like modern thrillers with historical twists? Midnight Ink September 8, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. A cozy mystery in Japan! A Dana Madison Mystery. A gutsy, conflicted heroine; a fast-paced narrative, and a complicated mystery to be uncovered Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention wisconsin historical ernst mysteries murder curator historic kathleen museum suicide diamond enjoyable sister collections knowledge living seeds missing site eagle.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Our sleuth works as a collection curator for the Old World Wisconsin museum. Chloe just wants to surround herself with peace, histories of former occupants of the Wisconsin Nordic region, and perhaps find love, and friendship. Then came a suicide Ernst's talents seep through the pages as she skillfully blends history with fiction from through The book is exciting, interesting, tutorial, and even makes me want to pack and plan a trip to the various sites included that are real.

How many of us really think about Heritage vegetables? The amount of varieties we have lost in the U. No wonder we hear, "Food doesn't taste like it used to when I was a child. Women and Men will find this book intriguing with all the equipment discussed and the thought provoking discourse regarding feeding our country as well as the third world peoples.

This book is an excellent source of economic reality through today. As to the mysteries, well, they were fascinating and complex. I can barely wait for Ms. Please read this book, you will be amazed to find yourself educated and entertained. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

I have become an avid fan of Kathleen Ernst's Chloe Ellefson mysteries, and this one was as enlightning and enjoyable as all the others.

The Heirloom Murders (Chloe Ellefson Mystery, book 2) by Kathleen Ernst

A well-crafted combination of mystery, personal development and history. One person found this helpful. The apparent suicide of a co-worker's sister puts Chloe on the trail of a diamond, heirloom seeds and agribusiness. I have an interest in agriculture, heirloom varieties and living history museums, so these elements made for an interesting mystery.

Chloe still seems a little strung out, especially with Roelke and her ex around, but less so than in the first book. This was a good light mystery that I enjoyed and I look forward to reading the next book in the series. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful.

The reader accidently learns a great deal about early settlers and their lives. The Heirloom Murders, the second in a new mystery series, is a unique and very readable advent into some aspects of humankind's settling of America. It is written by a lady who not only knows the subject matter, but can tell it with great compassion, knowledge, and love, which keeps the reader wanting more. It is an historical story within a love story within a mystery with all those human elements and emotions and actions that are still found in the past and today and yet continues throughout the storyline to weave a mystical thread that tantilizes those who want to know "everything.

Kathleen Ernst has found a winner in Chloe Ellefson. I have enjoyed reading of her exploits as she works at the historical site. I was unaware of the existence of Old World, and I even have friends that live in Wakesha! It is so interesting to learn of all that is involved in keeping history alive, even though there are those who want to thwart that aim. As it turns out, I did enjoy this, overall. I did have some problems, with the heroine, Chloe Ellefson, spending so much time away from her official duties at her new job as curator at a historic site in Wisconsin, especially after a troubled past, while she pursues the mystery of a missing Norwegian ale bowl.

I guess my problem deals with my past as a goody two shoes - always following the rules I just decided to "throw this in my cart" at the library, as I thought it might turn out to be good. I guess my problem deals with my past as a goody two shoes - always following the rules. She just completely seems to ignore her official duties and is totally sidetracked by the missing relic. Then, see "has the nerve" to get depressed by her troubles and failures to excel at the new job, even though she is is rude to co-workers, tells of the director, a she single-mindedly pursues the missing ale bowl, at the cost of all else in her life.

She also seems to dwell too much on her past failed romance, thought there are "complications" that explain why this failed romance may be harder than most. Though it sounds as if I was really annoyed with the heroine and I guess I was to a degree , I really enjoyed this book. I liked the evolving relationship that she has with the local police officer, Roelke McKenna. Very predictable, in a sense, with its misunderstandings and difference due to the sensibilities of the sexes, but both characters seem to be self aware enough to avoid the normal consequence that these differences and misunderstandings are trite and boring.

This is a new "adult" mystery by this author and I frankly do look forward to the next in the series, even if I may have been a bit critical in this review. Mar 23, Wendy rated it liked it Shelves: This was a good, steady paced mystery. Its characters were realistic and kept the story going. Chloe the curator is definitely not your typical cozy protagonist. So, despite me disliking her personality, it was refreshing to actually have a character with flaws.

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A good read for the State Challenge for Wisconsin. Jan 05, Janice rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed this first in a series that features a woman who works as a curator in an outdoor historic site. The characters are very likeable, both strong and fragile, and the story kept me engaged.

I look forward to the next in this series.

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  2. The Heirloom Murders by Kathleen Ernst!
  3. Never Ending Torments.

Aug 20, Melissa added it. As a museum worker myself it is fun to see the backstage of others doing a job like mine. I couldn't put it down and can't eating until I can find the next in the series. Aug 17, Chaitra rated it it was ok Shelves: For a challenge reader, that author's initials and title isn't something that can be abandoned. On top of that, this book is set in Wisconsin, and very few books I've read are set in that state. So, it's not as if I expected a whole lot. Even so, this was only okay. I suspect it has more to do with my audiobook reader, Elise Arsenault, whom I've taken a dislike to.

There's something in the way she pronounces certain words like 'suggests' bothered me a little too much. I've read t I'll be honest. I've read the bad reviews on here, and most of them have a problem with Chloe herself. To begin with, she did seem like the standard whiny character, but once it's mentioned in the book that she's clinically depressed, it does make sense. As someone who has occasionally had the blues, I can understand every thing she did, even the fact that she refused to do anything her bosses told her to do.

It's something I'm very used to - all that procrastination for barely any reason. That she could get herself out of bed is something. She has this weird relationship with Roelke McKenna, a part time cop who helps her and who seems to be interested in her. I say weird because as needy as Chloe is, Roelke has protective instincts of a mother bear. I'm guessing that would get stifling very soon, unless he changes his behavior.

The other characters aren't developed as much, although I was interested in Neeka I'm not sure I spelled that right , the intern working with Chloe. The mystery itself was only so-so, because it took a long time for Chloe to find a clue, and there's a little too much repetition of the 'facts as we know it' to add to the page count. I guess being a detective is a lot of drudge work, but, it's not very interesting to read about. I'll read a couple of other books in this series before I can make a decision on it, but as far as beginnings go, I wasn't very impressed by this one.

La protagonista di questa serie fa la curatrice presso un museo all'aperto, uno di quelli che, oltre a vecchi edifici, ha anche i figuranti in costume. Almeno fino ad ora. La storia gira intorno a un boccale o a una ciotola norvegese scomparsa. Mi piace la protagonista, che ha avuto ha ancora?

Due bei personaggi, ognuno con le sue luci e le sue ombre. Dec 09, Lori rated it it was amazing. Dec 12, Diana Maculan rated it it was amazing. Discovered this wonderful series and I am very happy that I did. Chloe is the new collections curator at Old World Wisconsin. Within days of starting her new job, she becomes entangled in the mystery surrounding the death of an old woman who visited her, wanting back a family heirloom she donated to the society.

She dies in a car crash within minutes of leaving from meeting with Chloe. Chloe doesn't think so, and that is were the mystery begins. Interesting characters, setting, an Discovered this wonderful series and I am very happy that I did. Interesting characters, setting, and lots of action. I will definitely be following up with this series. Feb 21, Julie rated it really liked it. The mystery was engaging, the characters were intriguing and I liked the Wisconsin setting. Jan 15, Shana rated it liked it.

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  • Chloe Ellefson has landed a plume curatorial job at Old World Wisconsin. She has a rough start with a missing object, an accident, an upstart intern, a cranky boss and romance in the air. The mystery of the bowl did not resolve as I would have anticipated, so that was a pleasant surprise. As a museum employee myself, I enjoyed the setting of a historic site in the s, the research and the strong push for the interpretation of story above object! Chloe's emotional journey and relationship with Chloe Ellefson has landed a plume curatorial job at Old World Wisconsin.

    Chloe's emotional journey and relationship with Roelke was an added bonus, and kept me reading. The cliffhanger at the end is sending me to the library for the next book! Jan 26, Carolyn rated it liked it. I enjoyed reading about the area that I am so familiar with, however, I did not, as a whole, really love this book. The main character drove me insane! She did incredibly stupid things and I kept thinking, "Wow, with all her supposed education, she's still so clueless!

    No wonder I read so much classic noir. Dec 27, Susan rated it liked it Shelves: Chloe Ellefson hasw just started her job as a curator at Old World Wisconsin, a state historical site comprising about fifty restored buildings. This is her ticket away from the heartbreak and depression that have marked her recent years. But on her first, overwhelmed day, she must turn away an elderly lady who seeks her help, only to find her dead in an automobile crash shortly afterward.

    The still-fragile Chloe meets a young police officer, who has his own history. He gradually becomes involve Chloe Ellefson hasw just started her job as a curator at Old World Wisconsin, a state historical site comprising about fifty restored buildings. He gradually becomes involved in Chloe's conviction that something odd is going on at Old World Wisconsin, as the attacks on her trigger his overprotectiveness.

    Dec 21, Vicky rated it really liked it Shelves: This is one of the better mysteries I read this year. Chloe begins her first day at work and everything goes wrong, including the death of the first visitor she meets in her capacity as curator at the living history site, Old World in Wisconsin.

    Carefully researched and with much of the author's personal experience, this book centers around a believeable mystery and character development. This is the first of a series with a cliffhanger at the end. I'm excited for the next to come out. Kathleen This is one of the better mysteries I read this year. Kathleen Ernst has a winner in Old World Murder. Sep 24, Storm Reads rated it liked it. Chloe is trying to get over a bad break up and she is hoping that coming to work as the curator of Old World Wisconsin.

    On her first day an old lady come to talk to her, but Chloe can't help her. She couldn't just give her back a relic she donated and didn't even know where to begin looking for it. Then the old lady dies in a car crash and Chloe feels bad. She feels like it might have been her fault and so she tries to find the bowl. She is suppose to be working on other projects and not everyone Chloe is trying to get over a bad break up and she is hoping that coming to work as the curator of Old World Wisconsin. She is suppose to be working on other projects and not everyone is happy with her trying to find a bowl that belonged to the old lady since she is dead.

    She just can't keep from trying to figure out what happened to it. It leads her to finding out some information about the bowl that might make it worth a lot of money. Her boss is not real happy with her and she could be on the way to losing her new job so she needs to try and find out what is going on before she gets worse. Chloe is a pretty decent character though a bit head strong when it comes to certain things. She just a got a new job and really should have been concentrating on it even though she felt bad. Roelke I think might take some getting use to as sometimes I just wasn't a fan.

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    He has some anger issues which isn't good for a cop, but he knows it and tries hard not to let that part out much. He just rubbed me the wrong way sometimes but he wasn't a bad person. It has a good mystery and I didn't guess whodunit but I was looking in the right direction.

    The Narrator Elisa is one of my favorites and she always does a great job with cozies.

    Old World Murder

    Her male voices are not always great but they are okay. Feb 13, Theresa Echols rated it it was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Kathleen Ernst has given the reader a large assortment of fully developed people with all the myriad of personalities and flaws. You will recognize many of these characteristic from you own workplace. The story is set in Wisconsin at the Old World Wisconsin a living museum of the 's utilizing buildings and artifacts from the past of those who populated and settled in the state.

    We start with our main character starting a job left vacant and totally unorganized I thoroughly enjoyed this book. We start with our main character starting a job left vacant and totally unorganized. An inquiry into a once donated Norwegian ale bowl, a death, conflict of personalities all jumbled together open the adventure. There are subjects dealing with depression, family violence, gambling, micro-management and self discovery. The reader follows the clues dropped every so gently into the mix, but the ending will be a surprise.

    The flow of the story is an easy read. I did not want to stop and picked it back up as soon as possible. I have ordered the next book and eagerly await it's arrival. I won this book as a prize back in November of I have a rather long trb list. I am extremely happy that I finally read this book. I hope you will find it so too. Jul 12, Quinn rated it liked it Shelves: I picked up this book because the setting is in Wisconsin. Chloe is the new curator of the Old World museum. She is trying to get her bearings after the break up of her relationship and a miscarriage. The story revolves around a Norwegian artifact that an older lady would like to reclaim after being donated years ago.

    Chloe makes a vow to find the artifact in memory of the old lad I picked up this book because the setting is in Wisconsin. Chloe makes a vow to find the artifact in memory of the old lady. I found this to be a slow moving story. I purchased this book because I like cozy mysteries and it was set in a historic location in Wisconsin.

    Chloe is a new curator at Old World Wisconsin and the mystery is about an old bowl that was donated to the historical society.