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They will basically stay with all their acquaintances from school and preschool for their life.

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People with no social circle will be ignored. People will tell you to join local sports clubs or other clubs in general to get enrolled in the local community - this is only correct to a certain extend.

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Also girls in social circles tend to have a lot of guy-friends, so basically guys they went to school with and did some stuff in the past. The problem will mostly be the fertility rate, which is quite low and that there will be too many women in the end. Divorced people are still stigmatized in central CH and conservative places these days - so it makes sense. There's also lots of single women in CH, mostly because they failed within their social circle or they moved away from the place.

CH women seem to be very fertile till very late - some even have healthy kids at 44 or older.

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But they got what they wanted - which is children and the poor men can pay for nearly the rest of their lives. A main reason why CH has one of the lowest birth rates. In CH there exist two types: One type has a first child very young, between 15 and Those partners are always part of their social circles. If a woman has no social life at that time they can also go to a sperm bank and do it that way. But that quickly changes at 50 when the majority of them will directly fall into a midlife crisis - and most of them will suffer from psychiatric problems.

At lot of swiss girls are already very mental at a young age, having a skewed view of the world and especially of men. Even in Austria and Germany the chances are excellent. Part 2 follows below. The following 11 users would like to thank thedarksideofthemoon for this useful post: The following 9 users groan at thedarksideofthemoon for this post: Part 2 What swiss girls really want and what kind of men they seek: Most swiss girls are around 5 and 8 at best - some are even 4 or lower. To be in the inner circle of a social circle - you gotta have some qualities - that place is usually reserved to those who are at least an 8 if not higher.

Swiss girls always have more power than men! They always had and it will always be like that. Swiss men are generally not bad looking, at least those who I have seen being in a couple. Most men will look in nearby countries or overseas - sometimes they succeed. It starts quite early at school, where girls start to choose and categorize men. In my school days I was a perfect 4 - so absolutely not interesting for any girl!

Most swiss girls ideally want a sporty, muscular man and he should be extremely good looking and a bit on the metro side, taking almost too much care of himself - while the girls are often average. A lot, and I mean a lot of swiss girls have a crush for boybands and male singers aka Justin Bieber in their teens and more appropriate singers when they grow older. And they want all boys to look like them or at least come close to them.

Reputation is a magic word in CH as said before. Reputation is everything here - if your reputation is bad you can prepare yourself to leave the country, because nobody is gonna give you a job anymore or help you! CH people have a tendency to be cold and harsh, a bit less in the latin parts, but still present. Keep in mind, the country is extremely small, cities are like big villages and a lot of people know each other. Swiss girls are the worst though, they are mistresses at keeping everything in their mind about former incidents and will approach you or others and tell them your mistakes over and over again.

Like if you insulted a person once at school - they will come up to you and tell you that 20 years later. The whole system in CH is outdated and a lot of swiss men have become workaholics or have left the country for good - because of the issues mentioned above. Steps how to avoid issues with swiss girls based on my own mistakes. Serves for future generations: Socialize with people as soon as possible, build your circle with caution and choose carefully your future friends.

It will become more and more difficult the older you get and the closer you will finish school. Build up a solid reputation within your social circle and keep defending it. Swiss girls love reputation and they totally rely on it - for themselves as well as for their potential partners.

MISHKA (short film about teen pregnancy)

Swiss girls like interesting guys with a good reputation within their social circle and some decent status overall. Do that - and they will instantly like you! So the conclusion is: The people of Switzerland also those who are assimilated have a village mentality and are extremely narrow minded - even towards people from other parts of the country, sometimes even from other cantons.

They can be quite brutal in terms of ignoring and excluding you. The following 9 users would like to thank thedarksideofthemoon for this useful post: The following 6 users groan at thedarksideofthemoon for this post: Fork me, it's not even Friday yet. Hey there, disgruntled Swiss person The pseudo-back story of being Swiss and living here 20 years is quite likely not true. So welcome back bicycle and enjoy the short stint here.

And even if it's not bicycle: The following 11 users would like to thank Samaire13 for this useful post: Don't believe me richdog? Read this conclusion from the horses mouth. Thanks for writing this epic post it's interesting to see this point of view openly expressed. Post more on other topics! This user would like to thank Cata1yst for this useful post: The following 6 users would like to thank JagWaugh for this useful post: What a bundle of frustration. I genuinely hope things work out for you. The following 10 users would like to thank Russkov for this useful post: The following 2 users would like to thank NotAllThere for this useful post: The following 4 users would like to thank MathNut for this useful post: So anyone actually read all this?

The following 9 users would like to thank Samaire13 for this useful post: The following 9 users would like to thank Richdog for this useful post: The following 7 users would like to thank amogles for this useful post: The following 12 users would like to thank Sandgrounder for this useful post: The following 10 users would like to thank Samaire13 for this useful post: This user would like to thank VFR on top for this useful post: The following 12 users would like to thank JagWaugh for this useful post: Well now, you are 20 and you know it all?

Interesting How to explain then the "So essentially I have no social circle"? This user would like to thank roegner for this useful post: Posting Rules You may not post new threads. BB code is On. The time now is The truth about swiss girls and women. So what should you say?

Men, Women, And Understanding Pornography

Note that none of these phrases offer an apology. The vast majority of men have no idea that they are causing harm. They are often so focused on their own checklist that they are not paying attention to your needs or safety. They may have learned the move incorrectly, or learned it from a video that did not include all the safety tips and techniques required.

Women and girls

If you ever detect that your safety about to be compromised, disconnect. Sometimes I pull my hand away when I can feel him forcing my hand too far around my back. But whether you disconnect or not, you have to followup with an explanation, as suggested below. Some leaders have been told they are causing harm, but have not sought out coaching to fix it.

These ones need to hear the message from multiple sources. As a last resort, you could fake an injury or condition, in the hopes that this raises his awareness and his caretaker instincts kick in. This might be an option if you know his M. The risk is that he only learns to make that adjustment for you and not for all followers. Remember to check yourself too! Read about this in Part 1. Stories continue to be revealed as women gain courage from the vast numbers of women adding their voices to the movement.

Harrassment is a punishable offense, in the workplace, in society, and in the dance world. Many women never learned what their own boundaries are, and have no idea that they have technically been victims for years.

The sadness of living without sex - BBC News

Yes, the dance world is a flirty place where the lines can get blurry. But there are some simple, clear boundaries that you need to defend:. This might be a teachable moment for both of you. They will keep track of the complaints and have a paper trail to use as evidence when it comes time to confront the offender. Feel free to keep a journal of your own for the same purpose. Building Safe and Empowering Communities. A dancer in the LindyHop scene published this collection of survey comments collected from women reporting on harassment.

Yes, I did add this to the Guy-Guidance article. Take the time to read it if you like, but at least open it to scan the sheer volume and variety of complaints. So, no, you are not the only one.

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If a man starts to cross your boundaries either accidentally or by poor judgement and when you speak up he instantly genuinely apologizes, consider the matter resolved and show good faith. For example, if I complained that a man was hurting my wrist and he instantly apologized, checked for my well-being, and adjusted his hold, I would move on with a smile and keep dancing. I know that sometimes dance learning is clumsy, so I speak up so I can assess his reaction to determine his intentions.

Which means a thousands of deserving dancers never get a chance to access this rare and thorough informative articles. For those of you who have done this already — thank you for your support and helping us contribute to the worldwide WCS community! Good for you for writing this piece. At almost every dance I attend, I see inappropriately provocative dancing on the dance floor. I have always maintained a policy of never turning anyone down on the social dance floor. When they ask me a second time I except their invitation and gracefully explain that I am either still healing from our last dance or that I have a previous injury that I need to nurse so please be extra gentle.

Most guys appreciate the honesty but some are quick to ridicule about no one else ever complaining! Get evaluated by an expert and get some coaching! Afterwards the women were fighting for a chance to dance with them including me! Thank you so much for having a voice and talking about the difficult topics here. Too many stories and incidences Have already happened.