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Audaz, productivo y feliz constituye una valiosa guía para alcanzar la Éxito. Una guía extraordinaria (Autoayuda Y Superación) (Spanish Edition) El líder que no tenía cargo: Una fábula moderna sobre el liderazgo en la o Conseguir un rendimiento extraordinario en tu trabajo y en tu vida. . 1-Stunden-Lieferung.

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The idea back then was to use those attributes for security purposes. Over time, I realized this is kind of interesting The more I read, the more I realized that there was basically nothing that took quantitative techniques that are available in psychology and deployed them [to the general public]. Today his company is leading the way in integrative psychology-based mobile applications.

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It was in testing one of these apps that Zilca found a latent passion that is changing his life. The program leads you through a series of steps to accomplish a goal - a goal chosen by you, but based on how likely it is that you will attain this goal.

You work with the app to determine which of your goals you will most likely accomplish. So one goal kept surfacing for me; it was driving a motorcycle across the country. I hadn't even ridden a motorcycle before. But I stayed with the program and took the baby-steps it suggested to accomplish my goal. A year ago Zilca started riding a motorcycle and was almost immediately hooked. The father of 3 young children, he states that his wife was concerned. Motorcycles can be dangerous. And it is a way to have deeper conversations and relationships.

Guys don't sit down, watch football, and talk about what's missing in their lives. But they do talk about such things when they are out on the road. So with all of the baby-step behind him, Ran Zilca is days away from the final step in his goal. On September 19th he will leave for a trip across the US with just his second motorcycle, a laptop, iphone and the bare necessities.

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