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The distancing between young people and news- papers has three consequences. Firstly, the decline in 2. Finally, newspapers among this age group.

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In this sense, the lack of hence the increase by These data civic consciousness. Methodology interest in news, and at the same time their cognitive The methodological design of this investigation is capacity to consume news grows Huang, This technique aims to Two factors explain this: The ques- the topics and content affect them directly they will tionnaire is formed of three types of close-ended ques- read them, if not, they will ignore them as they their tions: The study combines single-answer with multiple choice In this sense, most young people associate newspaper questions.

The procedure used was the face-to-face The genre variable corroborates that young men interview method. Subsequently, the data were trea- read newspapers more than women. The survey ted with the statistical program SPSS. Age and genre shows that The former include the fre- quency of reading newspapers, the way they access 4.

The latter focus on interest in the fact that news is not only provided by newspapers. The study Young people now have a wide range of media to population is made up of 16 to year-olds living in choose from to get information and the results indicate Catalonia Spain , a segment which numbers that they indeed use several platforms to read the 1,. The use of television watched by The sample is formed of surveys randomly those polled is significant but secondary to the social selected.

The genre distribution of the sample is networks as a media for news consumption among Websites such as Facebook or Tuenti are now the leading information outlets for 4. Results young people Frequency of newspaper reading two reasons.

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Until now seve- three different media to access news Table 3. These ral studies Livingstone, ; Campos Freire, ; data coincide with the study by Brites The mobile petence among young people to seek out news are phone at Internet makes access to information easy, news consumption among young people Table 2.

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This diversity of news- ferences for news media among young people. Men providing media directly affects the forming of public score higher when selecting platforms and devices, opinion and its very richness, which is explained by except for television, digital tablets and the cost-free the wide variety of points of view on any event and press where women score higher Table 2. Men pre- the elements that enable the reader to form an opinion dominate in the use of social neteworks and mass Kotilainen, In the same way, the range of media used by The age variable confirms thatthe use of all media young people to access news is related to drastic chan- for news consumption grows as young people mature.

Use of paid-for newspapers, radio, blogs, Twitter, The habit of channel-surfing acquired from TV wat- social networks, mobile telephone and mass media ching is applied to news consumption in order to get a websites increases as a result Table 2. By contast,, general impression of current affairs Costera, In fact, cost-free Table 3: The highest proportion of young people who Table 5.

Interest in information none in this group uses five or more platforms for Finding out the attitudes and perceptions of young information consumption, the total opposite to the people towards news is essential for determining their group of 23 year olds or older. Men are more diverse information consumption. Therefore, we can dedu- 4.

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  2. Keiko and the Butterfly (a XXX tale of sexual awakening in light bdsm and metal toys);
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  4. Leaps of Faith and Spiritual Springboards; Meditations for the Female Soul?

The consolidation of cost-free content The results reveal that almost all young peo- ple are reluctant to pay to access information on the Table 4: A total of On the contrary, young people. Although the refusal to pay diminishes with age, This partly explains why young people tend to use the percentage of 23 year olds or older willing to pay other media, such as social networks, to get informa- for news online is still small, representing only 9. Regarding the genre variable, the number Lipani, Newspapers have not adapted to the of men in favor of paying is slightly higher than that of interests and needs of their younger readers and are no women, 7.

The genre variable is a paradox for as the previous data frequency of Table 5: This is a serious problem for the paid-for media, and newspapers in particular, as it seriously affects the business model Casero- Table 6: Degree of interest in information on a scale of 0 to This investigation verifies declare a greater interest in news than men.

The dif- the effect of age regarding young people and news.

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The the civic importance attributed to news Table 7. On a scale of 0 to 10, young people give guarantee a minimum readership in the future, a ques- an average 8. Young people acknowledge that the The genre variable reveals a paradox in that men availability of news is important for democracy and consume more news but women value information information enables and guarantees public debate and more positively in terms of interest and civic impor- the development of a civic consciousness. The data attracts their attention while they surf the Net. This results from people is in decline H1.

This civic value H2.

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News consumption is The second question relates to changes in the now a multiple media habit; each medium has a diffe- conception of news among young people. Level of importance given to the fact that being well-informed enables participation in ; Van Dijk, Revista de Estudios de Juventud, 70, Fear and Loathing in the News: Using different methodologies and perspectives, the writers provide both And religions are not exempt from legitimization if they are to endure in these new digital times where competidors battle to fill the intersection between the sacred and the secular.

The initial discomfort among the religious with digital challenges dissipated rapidly when they understood two essential aspects of the new As an organization, the Church has survived cultural changes and varying political scenarios and is even now adapting with no major resistance to the new information technologies. Roman Catholicism still creates a sort of fascination and interest on the Net.

Amongst the more enthusiastic forms of engagement that emerged And yet, digital interreligious dialogue is practically non-existent among them.

The work, based on nearly 2, surveys filled out by adolescents, plus complementary interviews, confirms But are they ready for the Digital Reformation: Jesus brings the wisdom of ancient and medieval Christianity into conversation with contemporary theories of This new form of congregating allows for an individualised faith to manifest itself outside of the usual church authority structures. Online Catholic Communities provides insight into how religious and non-religious internet The Mediatization of Religion When Faith Rocks de Luis Mauro Sa Martino Filling a significant gap in the literature by offering a theoretical framework by which we can understand the issues of media, religion and politics Luis Mauro Sa Martino asks how can a religious denomination have any sort of influence on people in a secular age?

The author presents data which suggests that the presence and influence of religion in public affairs around the world has been