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In the end, fighting evil proves deadly and its still not enough for the Elders to change their stance about Aric and Celia. With her heartbreaking, Celia makes a hard decision. The plot, pace, character development, romance and just the whole package were amazing. Other than the torture my poor heart endured along with Aric and Celia, I had no disappointment in this book. The humor, the sisterly camaraderie, the awesome friends, and oh boy yes, the passion between Aric and Celia was just something else.

Celia has her limitations and her flaws, but she is also loving, loyal, strong and passionate. She's a perfect heroine. I love her as a narrator and seeing the others and all the action through her eyes. I felt everything she felt and this story ran the gamut. I can't wait to grab up the next book in the series. Those who enjoy spicy Urban Fantasy need to try this series. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. Very frustrated with all the were politics in this book.

I get it and we saw it coming, but darn it. Can't say too much with out spoilers. This book was non stop action of one type or another. If you liked the previous book, you will love this. I can not wait to see where this series takes us. I love the sisters, and their relationships. Needless to say, frustration aside, this series remains an auto purchase for me.

There were some heart pounding moments, while everything was not resolved the way I want it, I am trusting the author to lead us out of this. Could no put it down. Well I did it. That's with going to the dentist the doctor and the vets with the kittens. I literally couldn't put it down. When I did it was not for long.

I think this series will be like a couple I have that I go back and reread when I want comfort reading. I laughed, I cried, I cracked the shits often. This book is amazing. The Wird sisters go through so much. They are all bad ass girls. Cecy Robson is a brilliant story teller. I hope she has more, much more to come. I really loved this book. The action, suspense, romance, personalities, everything about this series is just fantastic.

I read all 2 of these series books plus the 2 novellas for this series in 3 days I think that says a lot. I love how these sisters protect each other and how they interact with the werewolves they befriend. I was so invested in the characters that the end upset me terribly but I am dying to see what happens next.

It is a fabulous read! Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. A fabulous follow-up to the first book! You never know when you love the first book whether the next one will live up to it. Well, this one not only lived up but surpassed the first book. I loved this book! So much great action, drama and snark. I completely blame Ms. Robson for my lack of sleep. I couldn't put it down. Amazing addition to the Weird Girls series. It's so engaging and a real page turner!

Half the time I just didn't want to put the book down because I kept wanting to know what was going to happen next. I am definitely a fan and will continue reading these books. See all 79 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 10 months ago. Published 1 year ago. Published on December 22, Published on July 23, The beginning of a new series that keeps you hooked till the last page! It is hard finding something really great in the adult genre to read that is different and really can capture my attention other than series I already read and this one definitely has all of that.

I could not get enough of Celia and her men. The chemistry between Celia and both Misha and Aric is epic Sealed with a Curse provides the reader with plenty of humor and romance that will keep you flipping the pages. Robson writing is topnotch; it's amazing Sealed With a Curse is her first full-length novel. I was right in my review of Weird Girls, I have found a new favorite series, one I recommend to all urban fantasy and paranormal romance lovers. I had to tweet Cecy and let her know that she was killing me because there is NEVER a good time to put this book down.

It is non-stop action right from the very beginning. As soon as one hurdle is crossed a few more present themselves. Sealed with a Curse is written so nicely that you don't realize how quickly the story is moving. The plot is strong as are the characters I did not want this story to end, so I was glad to discover there is another book coming out in July If you have any interest in kick-ass urban fantasies, then you need to read these!

Dec 18, Kristin rated it it was amazing Shelves: There are just some books that you read, howl, bawl and cry over.

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Then go back and re-read passages, go back and re-read the book before it, and then finally re-read the entire book again. These are books I named my blog after; I basically walk around in book hangover from them. The first book in the series, Sealed with a Curse, was such a winning debut for Ms. I can unequivocally yes, I did have to look that word up say that this book, A Cursed Embrace, at least for me, blows the first book out of the water, throws it down the hill, ties it up on the railroad tracks, waits for the train to go by, and then beats the ever-loving socks off the first book.

I love living, err, reading about these sisters! Who wears high heels to track bad guys in the woods?? Seriously, I know these girls — these characters are plenty fleshed out. And then there is Celia, one of my favorite tortured heroines of all time. But her strong, fierce personality leaks out and scares off any potential friends or suitors of the human variety. Her and her sisters are considered freaks.

He happens to be one of the few pure-blood weres left in the world. Unfortunately for him, the elders get cranky when he dates non-pure bloods and they really blow a gasket when he takes an interest in Celia. Aric is young, cocky, extremely alpha, and he is truly possessive and protective of what he deems is his.

But there is another who respects and wants Celia.

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Misha is the master vampire living in the Tahoe area whom Celia has helped in the past. Celia knows who she wants. And she makes it clear to everyone involved on several occasions. Robson has written my personal favorite type of book: The urban fantasy genre, for me, is mystery, conflict, action, with a bit of supernatural gore thrown in for good measure. But you have GOT to have good writing to make sure the reader understands what the author is trying to convey in the scene.

Bad writing, and this all ends up a hot mess of confusion. Robson does an excellent job writing these scenes and putting the reader right there in the action and all the emotions. But something about this story really gets to me. Yup, I kind of liked this book. Review appears on My ParaHangover Jan 11, Under the Covers Book Blog rated it it was amazing. Robson had gone above and beyond my expectations and impressed me yet again with her the wits skill in keeping me at the edge of my seat.

There have been murders and missing persons.

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Of course Celia and her sisters are yet again in the midst of chaos. I have to tell you that this experience gets really personal. The Weird sisters really take a beating emotionally, physically and none of them will get out of this unscathed. Celia is as strong as ever not only emotionally but magically.

She and her inner tigress have evolved quite a bit in their strength. I have loved her from the beginning of this series and my love for her is even stronger after reading this book. I have not seen her make a wrong or stupid decision yet. I wish he can just see Celia for what a kick ass chick she really is.

A Cursed Embrace

Now, Misha, a sexy vamp also at the top of the food chain has the hots for Ceel. He accepts Celia for every part of her being. As you know that this series is of the Urban Fantasy genre and UFs are known for their cliff hangers. Well, A Cursed Embrace does not leave you so much with a cliff hanger but Celia will end a chapter of her life and begin a new one. It does end with you questioning the author though. Robson, what have you done? Where are you going with this?

Who will Celia end up with? And Who is Ms. Okay the last question is a bit silly but this old hag has to be someone important in disguise of an annoying old neighbor. She just cracks me up. Mancuso, the secondary characters make this series awesome.

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  4. They also have grown physically, emotionally and magically. But what amazes me is their continual support for each other. You will feel their triumphs and heart breaks. Yup, the heartbreaks are quite a doozy. Robson ended this book as if we might get more of them crossing fingers in Cursed by Moon. A down side to reading an ARC is that you have to wait longer than everyone else. Subscribe to our blog by email! The four sisters continued to make names for themselves as characters, especially Celia, and I liked that each of the individual couples got some exposure as well.

    It was selfish, and lasted longer than necessary, albeit admittedly he could have went about it differently too. Perhaps she even over-acted them, and is partially to blame for my main beef with this audio. Nov 19, Aly is so frigging bored rated it liked it Shelves: The werewolf guy annoys me to no end. The best kind of urban fantasy!

    I was thrilled when I read the first book of the series and now that I read the second I have to say one thing. This book has it all. Non-stop action from page one until the last, great female characters, very hot male characters, very well written world-building, romance, humor and drama! The story continues from where the previous ends. But now their world became more dangerous and no one is safe. Celia and her sisters now are trying to help their werewolves boyfriends to find and kill demons but the danger is far more great than they think.

    Celia and Aric finally trying for a relationship but nothing is easy with the two of them. I really cried while reading certain scenes in this book! They are so different but their love for each other is epic. Aric is giving me a hard time in this book unfortunately! Do you think that I forgot Misha? And yes, he finds his opportunity. Now, we can wait for what the future will bring. One think if for sure. I totally recommend it to all the fans of this genre!! A Cursed Embraced is non-stop action, nail biting, gut wrenching, heart-breakingly awesome!

    Robson had gone above and beyond my expectations and impressed me yet again with her the wits and skill in keeping me at the edge of my seat. Lake Tahoe, again is not a safe place to be in. The Weird sisters reall Clink here to.. Feb 22, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Having defeated their enemy and saved Misha and his family things should be settling down for Celia and her sisters, especially since they have started to get so close with werewolf alpha Aric and some of his warriors. Unfortunately nothing is ever simple for the girls and Aric's pack is determined to keep him and Celia apart.

    As if the pack politics weren't enough for them to deal with bodies start piling up as an unknown enemy starts chowing down on both humans and weres. Evidence points to th Having defeated their enemy and saved Misha and his family things should be settling down for Celia and her sisters, especially since they have started to get so close with werewolf alpha Aric and some of his warriors. Evidence points to the vampires but Celia knows that Misha can't be involved and is determined to uncover what is really going on. When it becomes clear that Celia and her sisters all have targets painted on their backs they realise they are in for the fight of their lives and even though they have both the weres and the vampires at their backs they might not be strong enough to survive.

    I really enjoyed the previous stories in the Weird Girls series but A Cursed Embrace surpassed all of my expectations and completely blew Sealed with a Curse out of the water. This is quickly turning into one of my favourite urban fantasy series and I can't wait to see where Cecy Robson takes things next. These books really do have everything I look for in a good story - great characters, fabulous banter and a family bond that always comes first, humour, action and plenty of hot guys to drool over!

    A Cursed Embrace took me on an emotional roller coaster that left me reeling at the end, I felt everything right alongside Celia - her joy, happiness and love followed by her shock, horror and despair. Everything that she went through happened to me too and it's not often that I feel so connected to a character I that want to cry her tears for her.

    Celia is a fighter, she has spent years protecting her sisters and she will do anything to keep them safe no matter what it costs her personally. She always puts everyone else first but has never really had anyone who was there to look out for her, as the oldest she took responsibility for the others and although they appreciate everything she has done for them it would be nice for someone to look out for her for a change. That is one of the things I loved most about Aric, the way he stands up for her and has her back no matter what anyone else says.

    I'll admit that meant I was disappointed with his actions later in the book, I understand why he did what he did but that doesn't mean it hurt me any less when he did it. I don't want to say too much here for fear of spoiling the story for you but I know what I'm hoping for as the series continues and I'll definitely be waiting for Aric to redeem himself!

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    A Cursed Embrace had me hooked from the very first page, the plot was fantastic, their enemies were creepy and horrifying and I had my heart in my mouth several times in absolute terror about what was about to happen. By the time I reached the end I felt like I'd been through the emotional equivalent of my washing machine spin cycle, I had been through every single possible emotion some more than once and I was left reeling at the end of it.

    The end of the book made me gasp out loud and I don't know how I'm going to survive the wait for the next book! If you haven't come across this series then I really can't recommend it highly enough, I would suggest reading the books in order though because you'd miss out on some important character development if you started part way through. Cecy Robson has now become one of my auto buy authors and I will be devouring anything else she publishes the second I can get my hands on it!

    View all 29 comments. Cecy Robson writes good urban fantasy. In many ways, A Cursed Embrace is a better book than its predecessor, and extremely significant for the series as a whole. The sisters Celia, Shayna, Emme and Taran stunned me with their growth, the complexity of their relationships, their fierceness and strength, but also their emotional vulnerability, dedication and willingness to make sacrifices.

    Taran in particular exposed her softer side, and while she remained the same loudmouth on the outside, I understood and liked her much better. The symptoms are as follows: He has his moments, though, our Aric. Left to his own devices, he is a swoon-worthy hero if there ever was one. But when he brings his pack into the equation, things go very wrong very fast. Plot-wise, A Cursed Embrace is extremely well thought out. Robson found the perfect balance between an engaging plot and character development.

    A Cursed Embrace ends in the middle of a worst possible emotional moment for Celia and it ripped my heart right out. Jun 30, Heidi rated it really liked it. Four and a half stars: An action packed book with plenty of sizzle! Celia and her sisters are hoping to settle in and get to know their new boyfriends a bit better after their near death experience at the hands of the the infected vampires.

    Unfortunately, that is not going to happen. Strange deaths are occurring, and Taran is having nightmarish dreams involving demons. Celia is also having troubles with Aric. He is hot and cold, and it is driving her crazy. Celia worries that he will break her he Four and a half stars: Celia worries that he will break her heart since he is a pureblood werewolf and expected to mate with a pureblood.

    Yet she loses her heart to him anyway. Can the sisters and the werewolves get to the bottom of the demon infestation? Will Celia suffer a broken heart? It is even better than the first as it has plenty of action, a smoking hot romance, terrifying and grotesque demons and lots of danger, plus an ornery old lady who lives next door who is quick to curse and flip the bird.

    For all of you who enjoy heated passion and lots of sexy time this will satiate your appetite. I thought all the love scenes were well written, just the right amount of heat without straying into the too much info territory. You can read this and savor it and not blush with embarrassment while you read it! I am all for books with just the right balance with the sex scenes. I must warn you, though, that while there are plenty of sinful moments, the romance isn't without its bumps in the road.

    It isn't all smooth sailing and it is frustrating at times. Expect tension and heat with this one. I love that each sister brings her own unique powers and talents to the fight. For instance, Celia can transform into a tigress and shift underground. Taran can go nuclear and blast enemies with tremendous powers and she can also alter memories. Shayna can take any wooden or metal object and transform it into a deadly sharp weapon, even a small harmless toothpick. Esme, the softhearted sister, can heal and as well as use her force.

    The werewolf boyfriends also are a bit unique. I think that Gemini is the bomb. He is a dual werewolf who can split in two, meaning his wolf can split from his human. How cool is that? If you are tired of the same old same old when it comes to paranormal entities you definitely need to check out this series as it is original and fresh! It has deadly vampires, demons, witches and lots of were-creatures as well as the unique Wird girls.

    As the oldest sister, she has always been the protective one. She has never been lucky in love, and in fact, she has only had one sexual partner. She is extremely nervous and hesitant when it comes to opening her heart to Aric. I love that she is scared when it comes to her first intimate encounter with Aric. She might be a strong fighter, but she definitely has her doubts and insecurities. Slowly, she is learning to overcome her fears.

    She is showing growth and I expect that she will continue to find her way. There is always something about a geeky guy that gets me every time, and Dan does it in this one. I love that he doesn't possess an ounce of supernatural power and he wears glasses, yet he is smart and educated on all things supernatural. I loved the scene where he showed the witch how it was done. I hope that he continues to have a big presence in the next book because his character is great!

    Celia and the sisters know how to snark and they make me laugh. I particularly enjoy the confrontations with their nosy, old lady neighbor who is always telling the girls they are whores and flipping them off. I wish that there were more scenes with the curmudgeonly lady. There wasn't as much male posturing in this book between Misha and Aric, but there are a few entertaining moments when the two face off. And The Not So Much: This book incorporates all types of were animals from wolves, raccoons, bears and lions.

    I want to fully grasp how they come to be and all their characteristics and powers. One important theme is purebloods and made weres. Is there any difference in their abilities based on whether they are pure or made? Are they not purebloods as well? Does the pureblood standard only apply to those purebloods in leadership positions?

    I can't go into details, but it frustrated me that Aric wouldn't take a stand and follow his heart, consequences be damned. I have a feeling this will be an ongoing theme, but my fingers are crossed that it will work out as it should. A Cursed Embrace is a sizzling sequel that surpasses its predecessor.

    This book is packed full of danger and heat. I love that this series continues to surprise me with its fresh take on paranormal creatures. If you are tired of the typical vamps and werewolves, give this series a try. It is unique and fresh! I love that it has plenty of snark and humor thrown in for comedic relief. If you are on the hunt for a hot new UF series, do yourself a favor and get these books!

    All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review. Posted Rainy Day Ramblings. Sep 18, Barb Shuler rated it it was amazing Shelves: That's what this book was. The drama, the love, the lust it all takes off in a in the beginning, crash lands and goes up in flames. What was sparked as a friendship, awkward at times between the girls and their wolves is starting to sizzle and cement itself into the heart throbbing love it was meant to. Things are edgy due tot he deaths that surround the Tahoe area and various other places through the US.

    A Cursed Embrace by Cecy Robson |

    Bodies of mutilated men are showing up. Gross, but it is what they have to deal with right? Wolves are pack animals after all. Misha, being Misha, the tall dark and handsome vampire master is indebted to Celia for saving his life, yet again so he has one of his vampires go to Celia's when learns a dead were is on her doorstep. No, like dude fell through her door when she opened it. Their wolves show up along side Paul, the wereracoon alpha. This story in itself is a continuation of the first book but it takes on a whole new level of "WTF? The level of WTF Seems alongside the weres, the vampires and the Wird girls there are also Demons running around, eating, raping every woman they can snatch up and being evil.

    Not only do they just leave the bodies of the evil endeavors everywhere. The escalation of the deaths, the packs all hunting for the culprits once they figure out what is going on spins them in all directions at once. Aric is attacked, mauled and left to fend for himself full of gold bullets. Emme and Liam are attacked outside of the club by a horde of vampires. The deaths keep coming and the elders think Aric is 'distracted'.

    Aric, as a leader is in over his head at times. As they all are. Seems that, even if she doesn't know it at the time, they are mated. Even his wolves, his warriors know it. They can feel it. So as things escalate with the deaths, the fighting his frustrations, her anger they all come to a head. Finally, with the help of Danny they are able to figure out a way to summon the demon who they think is the leader to them. That little trick almost worked. But as the girls are leaving "The Den", the weres hidden compound they are attacked by a horde of demons.

    Big, small, nasty little fuckers. Celia, Shayna and Emme are taken. Taran barely manages to get away. The girls were shot with special spelled bullets that took their powers from them. When Celia wakes up from blacking out they are in Ohio.. The only thing Celia can do is think of Misha and concentrate on the sign she sees before her to the old prison.

    It is over flowing with vampires, weres, demons spawn and pregnant women. Using what little power Emme and Shayna have left they make it out of the prison.

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