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I loved this book and highly recommend this series to any paranormal romance lover! Mar 11, Catherine rated it it was amazing.

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Love Renewed This is the third story in the series and the author keeps getting better with building the world and characters of Bearsden. Becca and Nolan grew up together and friendship turned to love. But, when tragedy strikes neither teenager is equipped to deal with it and Becca runs away from her feelings and from Nolan. Ten years later she returns home, but there are secrets she hides from everyone even her twin sister and Nolan triggers a lot of her animosity.

For his part, Nolan has nev Love Renewed This is the third story in the series and the author keeps getting better with building the world and characters of Bearsden.

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For his part, Nolan has never gotten over her and needs to find a way to convince her she is his mate. But, can Becca find a way to work through her memories, as well as the nightmares, and find a way to let him back in again? Or, will outside forces be able to keep them apart forever? One-click this book and give it a chance. Mar 10, Linda rated it it was amazing.

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Becca and Nolan are fated mates, still in high school when Becca becomes pregnant. She miscarries and because of this tragedy Becca and Nolan grow apart. Feeling alone, Becca leaves Bearden but returns after ten long years. Nolan is still in love with Becca and he's so happy she's back. Becca of course wants nothing to do with Nolan. Nolan will have to prove that he's changed and work hard to get her back. Meanwhile someone is setting fires and someone takes a shot at Becca. Did the danger that Becca left behind follow her to Bearden? This book is definitely well worth reading. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

Mar 13, Julie rated it really liked it. And in a world with unpredictable fae. Pretty intense former childhood lovers to hate to lovers tale, with some world-building not too unusual for this genre. The same for Nolan, too. These are passionate people! I liked the secondary characters. I read this on Kindle Unlimited. Mar 24, Sharon Richmond rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Nook books and More Blog.

A Shifting Destinies Near Shifter.. By Cecilia Lane 5 Stars I loved going back to the special town of Bearden and reading about the residents, the firehouse and their special uniqueness there. Becca's journey back to Bearden, her family, and Nolan, was filled with so much pain and terror for her from the hunters and memories of the past that you cant help but feel it to your core. And now that they may be back for her, she must finally trust her fox and Nolan that past mistakes wont ha Hunted Mate: And now that they may be back for her, she must finally trust her fox and Nolan that past mistakes wont happen again.

Mature readers, some strong language and sexual content. I have voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book by its author. Reviewer for Nook Books and More Blog. Mar 14, L M rated it it was ok. Didn't live up to the promise for me. Started off a very sad story but I started finding it hard to feel sorry for Becca.

Her actions were self-destructive. It is obvious she is suffering a form of PTSD but no one around her is staging an intervention. They just think she is unreliable and flaky. Not quite what I want in a shifter story. This review expresses my own voluntary thoughts and opinion. I did get an ARC from the author for this story.

Becca and Nolan have had a close though distant relationship for the last ten years. Teenage infatuation and love led to a pregnancy that led to loss that led to a running away. Now Becca is back to face all the hurt she's had lived with since Nolan's immaturity and inability to face to circumstances they both had created drove her away.

This is a story of two people dealing with their s This review expresses my own voluntary thoughts and opinion. This is a story of two people dealing with their short comings and accepting what fate had given them. Darkness and danger shadow their journey. Mar 28, Kara rated it it was amazing. Becca has been running and hiding for the last 10 years. After finally returning home, she can't help but be around Nolan, Bearden isn't all that big after-all. So much happened to Becca before she left and while gone and none of it she wants to talk about or deal with.

Nolan has been waiting and hoping that Becca would be back, but didn't have much faith in it. He never moved on, he knew she was the only one for him. Now she's back and Nolan is determined to win her. The passion between them is Becca has been running and hiding for the last 10 years. The passion between them is incredible and the events that they have to go through are horrible. I loved this story and i'm sure you will too!! Mar 10, Patricia Hoffstaetter rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a excellent 2nd chance shifter romance and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

What you will find in this fascinating book is: The story-line and plot is well thought out and is exceptionally well written. The characters are well developed and entwine well with each other with regards to the situation that they find themselves in and react w This is a excellent 2nd chance shifter romance and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The characters are well developed and entwine well with each other with regards to the situation that they find themselves in and react with fears, doubts, needs and desires.

May 05, Charmaine Walker rated it it was amazing. Together they have endured secret heartache.. Now Becca is back and Nolan realises he has to fight for her in a more terrifying dramatic way. A brilliant series bringing back the people in the town of Bearden,,Callum, Leah, Cole, and so many more. This story made me tear up at times, I just wanted to hug them and say all will be well. ARC - I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honest This was such an emotional story. Disappointed by her mate, Becca left Bearden. Nolan misses his mate every single day, and he prays for a chance to make it right.

Will they give a future together a chance? This was very "2nd chances" kind of book. Mar 02, Hsu Lee rated it it was amazing. Becca and Nolan are mates but never bonded as when they were seventeen the miscarriage tore them apart instead of bringing them more together. Becca comes back after ten years but so much has happened to her and there is a threat but most of all she still wants the man that she feels let her down and ran away. This book will certainly take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride that you will absolutely love.

Mar 10, Jan Janus rated it it was amazing Shelves: This one is Nolan and Becca's story, and what a story it was. Will she run again or will she face her fears? Will Nolan win her heart again or will she reject him? A lot of turmoil, sass, action and did I say sass? Becca has some fight in her but Nolan has more ferocity in him to go the full length to win her heart. Apr 16, Patricia H. Phelps rated it it was amazing. A bear and a fox Young love, an unexpected pregnancy, loss of baby, lack of communication. She is held by hunters but escapes when they are hunting her fox.

She makes it back to Bearden. Shifters are now outed. She eventually makes it up with her mate, a bear. They are caught by hunters again and the story ends with their escape with assistance of his clan. Horrible what some humans will do to those who are different from them. Apr 01, Cynthia L. Turner rated it it was amazing. Nolan and Becca This is the third book in the series: Shifters of Bear's Den but is a standalone novel in the series.

When Becca returns to Bearden, mysterious events start to happen. Nolan, a firefighter, Becca's estranged mate, is learning new things about relationships, mates and along with Becca, growing. This novel is about discovering others and oneself. A great book with a HEA. Mar 18, Cortnie rated it it was amazing. Book three in the Shifters of Bear's Den is just as wonderful as the first two. This is the story of Becca and Nolan. It is a second chance romance that will tug at your heart-strings and keep you guessing with all the twists and turns.

Parts of this story almost brought tears to my eyes and other parts had me smiling like a crazy person at least that's what my son said. It will also have you not wanting to put it down. Mar 09, Pam Louis rated it it was amazing. Wow what a great story Becca holden is a fox shifter who left Bearden 10 years ago.

Nolan is a bear shifter they grew up together and are mates but being young he messed up and she ran off. Now she is back and will not talk to him. It was now Monday of the third week and the foursome had somehow reached a quick routine that Draco found himself rather comfortable with. Hermione had even pulled a few strings so that Warrington was now an official employee of the Ministry and was getting paid for his involvement with the case.

The two women would natter away about Muggles, Magic and all things female in the kitchen while he and Warrington discussed general topics over the classic game of chess.

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The dark-haired wizard was actually okay and it was calming to see Hermione enjoying the company. She looked content, and it suited her exquisite features. His witch was also in high spirits because three more people had come forward about the letters after Terrence Higgs, one of which had been his old schoolmate James Harper, and the other two had been Muggle-borns.

The festive ambiance had also had it's cheering effect on his girlfriend, and while he had never been a massive fan of Christmas, he was grateful that the winter holiday had lured back her happiness. I can assure you Amelia won't have any problems if that's what you're worried about. Just ask Granger; she went to the last party and she was fine. King's Bishop to f4. You set up and I'll get another bottle of Ogden's.

The witches' laughter was still going when he wandered into the kitchen and he gave Hermione's shoulders a sly stroke as he walked past her. Anything you want, Draco? Hermione's ochre gaze followed him as strolled back into the living room, listening to the inaudible hum of his words as he said something to Caleb. She had established now that she could never get tired of studying his face. From his striking and carved features to the way his eyes would fluctuate between silver and slate, he really was the most fascinating man she'd ever seen, and it was framed by a wonderful mane of pearly-blond hair that always felt divine against her fingertips.

Hermione's eyes went round and her wine-glossed lips parted to release a noise caught between a choke and a gasp. The serious look on her new friend's face was unintentionally taunting her and she quickly shot a look over to Draco to make sure he hadn't heard anything. The woman had that tomboyish charm that was always carefree but considerate, a personality that felt instantly trustworthy. It's too soon and it takes time for things like that. Something was grabbing at that area in her chest like it was trying to still the beats of her heart.

Funny how that pesky 'love' word could either brighten or bludgeon a conversation. Lust and admiration were so much easier to recognise, and it had taken her a while to accept those notions completely. After all, how could one comprehend actual love when the word was so easily advertised with flimsy morals and intentions? She had loved Ron, but that had been different; more a curious love that had begged her to test the boundaries of friendship and had proved unsuccessful. She caught his eyes and he gave her another smirk, but she couldn't quite summon the energy to give him anything back.

He frowned at her so she quickly urged her lips to stretch and he cocked a doubtful eyebrow but clearly decided she was fine and went back to his chess game. On Wednesday, Draco and Caleb had been exiled to the kitchen after Hermione had near blackmailed him into letting her decorate the sitting room after work. He had somehow been dragged along to select a tree, an experience that he never wanted to repeat. Amelia had naturally jumped at the opportunity to assist with the whole thing, and they were currently littering his living room with Merlin knew what.

She had given him a small compromise and agreed to a silver and green colour-scheme to satisfy his Slytherin stereotypes. It was a small blessing but he accepted it nonetheless. It had almost been worth the smile she'd given him. However, if he'd have known the festive fiasco would also involve Hermione's ear-battering compilation of Muggle Christmas songs screaming from another one of her Muggle contraptions, he would have definitely declined. At least Granger gave you silver and green.

Granger seems like the type to get really enthusiastic about Christmas. You should come over.

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I'm sure Hermione was going to suggest it anyway. Hufflepuffs get really into the whole-. He heard the door swing open and turned his head expecting to see one of the girls, but it was Blaise who invaded the space. Draco watched with bemused eyes as the tall man gave Caleb a confused glance that almost bordered on disapproving. Narcissa said it was here and I don't think I'll get another chance.

A definite tension had polluted the atmosphere and he wasn't sure why. Granger knows where it is. Do you want to stay for a drink or-. Blaise seemed a little moody. Plus, the thing with his mum. You get used to them saying stuff you don't really get. Never ask for an explanation because it's just not worth it. Have you had any hassle about your involvement with a Muggle-born? There's been a few comments here and there but I expected that. King's Knight to c3.

The kitchen door was hurled open again and his lover practically skipped into the room with a brilliant smile. We'll just go to the park alone. You know, even though it's already dark outside. Hermione hadn't stopping smiling since she had entered Malfoy Manor.

Narcissa had once again worked her magic. The Ballroom had been transformed into a wonderful mixture of an ice cave and a grotto, complete with warm snow and multi-flavoured icicles that you could pluck away to taste. The Norwegian Spruce was easily thirty-feet-tall and speckled with charmed candles, trinkets and silver canaries that glided around the tree or settled to sing on the branches.

A section of the floor had been converted into a makeshift ice rink, complete with an animated fountain in the centre , featuring angelic lovers waltzing. The dance floor was a masterpiece of candelabras, charmed string instruments and enticing shimmery statues of white horses and deer that mingled amongst the dancers, all surrounded by a smoky floor. But Hermione's favourite part of the room was the more private section, dotted with loveseats made of comfortable ice under canopies of sparkling material laced with glowing holly.

It was so stunning she had almost wept with joy, but figured that Draco would quite possibly ditch her for being such a soppy twit. Amelia had been quite nervous about being in a room with so many purebloods and Hermione had happily kept the girl company. She'd been in the same mind herself, after all. But after an hour of nothing but compliments about her unintentional choice of an emerald dress, she had dragged Caleb to the dance floor despite his protests, leaving the other couple alone.

Having dressed in her favourite navy gown and spent more time than she usually would on her hair and make-up, Hermione actually felt quite beautiful, and judging from Draco's dirty promises of an 'all-night shag fest,' he agreed. One too many champagnes mixed with his usual Ogden's had made him slightly less bothered about showing his affection in public. He was still ten-times more aloof than the average wizard, but she had noticed the subtle hand-touching and the delicate whispers in her ear, evidently oblivious that his actions were causing his mother to grin like a cream-filled cat.

Perhaps it was the almost-secrecy that the canopies provided, but her and Draco were currently sat on one of the sheer loveseats, his arm wrapped around her waist and hers draped over his knee while he mumbled against her neck. I assume you're enjoying yourself from that huge smile on your face. This place is like a fairytale. And if you don't like it then it's your own fault for being a prat. I'm not that much of a prick. Although I can't take all the credit; my mother helped a little.

But, Merlin help her, she couldn't stop it. I danced with an ice sculpture and we just found out that they are doing carriage rides around your gardens! Can we go on one?