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The Cost of Discipleship. This study explores Jesus' requirements of those who want to be his disciples. Selected passages address the life of discipleship under the lordship of Jesus Christ. Ten studies discuss principles of discipleship, while two studies show how New Testament personalities demonstrate the characteristics of discipleship. In total, the study explores ways to become a true follower of Jesus, by identifying with his character, attitudes, and priorities, and by drawing on his resources.

Fisherman Bible studies are among the most popular on the market. There are nearly 60 book, character, topical, or core studies to choose from, so you're bound to find something just right for your group. Each study features built-in leadership helps and a flexible format you can use in all kinds of settings. Shaw Books Publication Date: This guide to the Holy Spirit is extremely long. It is available on Kindle and Nook if you would like the convenience of reading it on your e-reader or bookmark this page so you can read it all at your pleasure rather than trying to read it in one setting.

Dedicated to the one woman who supernaturally stood by me all of my life, Juneetta Marie Surber, My mother. I absolutely hate hype. I hate the feeling of being manipulated. It is selling something. That is acceptable with some things in life, but it is absolutely unacceptable when it comes to the things of the Spirit of God , and the Spirit empowered life.

When starting out to write a book on the Holy Spirit, my prayer was that God would enable me to write something that is fresh and unique. I am not a theologian but neither am I a novice. I have spent 33 years of my life on a journey with Jesus trying to live in such a way that I first and foremost bring glory to Him and secondly am being used by Him to touch others with His grace and mercy.

There have been a huge number of books written by people on the Holy Spirit. With what attitude should we live as a result? Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. Think about your church. One of the reasons for pettiness and bickering is that our love isn't constant and persevering. Our love lacks depth. If we will love our Christian brothers and sisters as we should, then our love for them will "cover up, remove from sight" [] many, many sins.

Instead of loving our brothers and sisters -- warts and all -- many have gone on a quest for the perfect church and when they realized that all churches have immature people in them, dropped out of church altogether. Dear friends, it is God's plan that we grow to spiritual maturity amidst immature people so that our love will be perfected. While it might be possible to be a believer and be separated from the church, it is not possible to grow into maturity in Christ and use your spiritual gifts to build up the Body of Christ when you are severed from that Body.

Love deeply, fervently, without quitting, the Apostle Peter tells us, because our love must cover a multitude of sins.


As an example of that love, Peter admonishes us, instead of complaining about the imposition of visiting Christians, we are to be "hospitable" to each other, literally, show "love of strangers. This passage concludes with an exhortation about spiritual gifts. They are not meant to be used selfishly or be hidden away Matthew Let's examine this passage.

If we find a "gifted" musician, we don't question the source of the gift -- obviously the musical gift is from God. Whether it is "spiritual" or not depends upon how it is used. If it is used to earn a living it is no less from God, than if it were used on the worship team in a church to build up the Body.

Discipleship: The Growing Christian's Lifestyle Fisherman Bible Studies

But it becomes a "spiritual gift" when it is yielded to the Holy Spirit to be used for God's glory and to serve others in the Body of Christ. Christians are exhorted in this passage to consider every gift from God as a trust to be used to serve others. Look at two keywords in verse If we have gifts from God, then we are obligated to use them to serve others.

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The steward is held responsible by the master to fulfill the responsibilities completely and thoroughly. When God gives us gifts -- spiritual or natural -- we are to see ourselves as: If anyone serves, he should do it with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. There's nothing especially memorable about the Greek words -- they are used very, very commonly.

8. Serving God in Everything (1 Peter ). Discipleship Lessons from the Fisherman

But it's the manner in which we exercise God's gifts of speaking and service that is remarkable. Notice that in both cases, while God provides the substance, we must provide the willingness to be available and obedient. We are spokesmen for God, not for ourselves.

We are serving on behalf of God. It doesn't come from us, but from God, and we are to minister the gifts with this clear recognition. The glory is to go to God and not to us. Many years ago when I was still in college, a young woman spoke some words to my friend and me that I believe were prophetic. Remember that it is I who give this through you. Always pass that glory on to me. Their sense of self-worth? What spiritual gifts has God given you, and how are you using them to his glory?

Lord, when I consider where my brothers and sisters and I have come from, I realize how unworthy any of us is of glory. Rather I give you praise and thanks and glory. You have been so merciful to me. And so gracious, to use me and speak through me and show love through me. Let me be a clean, dedicated vessel available for your service whenever you choose to use me.

And Lord, let that which comes through me come with a purity of message that marks it as from God. In Jesus' name, I pray. Oepke, hoplon, TDNT 5: Also found in this sense in Matthew In this case our words need to be "sayings of God," not just our opinions. A single copy of this article is free.

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