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The story of an imaginary word that managed to sneak past our editors and enter the dictionary. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts.

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The awkward case of 'his or her'. Test your knowledge - and maybe learn something along the way. Build a chain of words by adding one letter at a time. First Known Use of scissors 15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1. Learn More about scissors. Resources for scissors Time Traveler!

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  • What's the Singular of 'Scissors'? A tricky, double-edged word origin. Dictionary Entries near scissors scissorer scissor jack scissorlike scissors scissors-and-paste scissorsbill scissorsbird. Statistics for scissors Look-up Popularity. The word shears is used to describe similar instruments that are larger in size and for heavier cutting. The earliest known scissors appeared in Mesopotamia 3, to 4, years ago.

    These were of the 'spring scissor' type comprising two bronze blades connected at the handles by a thin, flexible strip of curved bronze which served to hold the blades in alignment, to allow them to be squeezed together, and to pull them apart when released. Spring scissors continued to be used in Europe until the 16th century. However, pivoted scissors of bronze or iron , in which the blades were pivoted at a point between the tips and the handles, the direct ancestor of modern scissors, were invented by the Romans around AD.

    During the Middle Ages and Renaissance , spring scissors were made by heating a bar of iron or steel, then flattening and shaping its ends into blades on an anvil. The center of the bar was heated, bent to form the spring, then cooled and reheated to make it flexible.

    The first trade-mark, , was granted in Pivoted scissors were not manufactured in large numbers until , when Robert Hinchliffe of Sheffield produced the first pair of modern-day scissors made of hardened and polished cast steel. His major challenge was to form the bows; first he made them solid, then drilled a hole, and then filed away metal to make this large enough to admit the user's fingers.

    This process was laborious, and apparently Hinchliffe improved upon it in order to increase production. Hinchliffe lived in Cheney Square now the site of Sheffield Town Hall , and set up a sign identifying himself as a "fine scissor manufacturer". He achieved strong sales in London and elsewhere. During the 19th century, scissors were hand-forged with elaborately decorated handles. They were made by hammering steel on indented surfaces known as 'bosses' to form the blades.

    The rings in the handles, known as bows, were made by punching a hole in the steel and enlarging it with the pointed end of an anvil. In , in Swedish -ruled Finland , an ironworks was founded in the village of Fiskars between Helsinki and Turku. In , a new owner started the first cutlery works in Finland, making, among other items, scissors with the Fiskars trademark. A pair of scissors consists of two pivoted blades. In lower-quality scissors, the cutting edges are not particularly sharp; it is primarily the shearing action between the two blades that cuts the material.

    In high-quality scissors, the blades can be both extremely sharp, and tension sprung — to increase the cutting and shearing tension only at the exact point where the blades meet. The hand movement pushing with the thumb, pulling with the fingers can add to this tension. An ideal example is in high-quality tailor's scissors or shears, which need to be able to perfectly cut and not simply tear apart delicate cloths such as chiffon and silk.

    Children 's scissors are usually not particularly sharp, and the tips of the blades are often blunted or 'rounded' for safety. Mechanically, scissors are a first-class double- lever with the pivot acting as the fulcrum. For cutting thick or heavy material, the mechanical advantage of a lever can be exploited by placing the material to be cut as close to the fulcrum as possible.

    For example, if the applied force at the handles is twice as far away from the fulcrum as the cutting location i. Scissors cut material by applying at the cutting location a local shear stress which exceeds the material's shear strength.

    Scissors, single-markets and subsidies: Brexit in the hairdressers

    Some scissors have an appendage, called a finger brace or finger tang, below the index finger hole for the middle finger to rest on to provide for better control and more power in precision cutting. A finger tang can be found on many quality scissors including inexpensive ones and especially on scissors for cutting hair see hair scissors pictured below.

    In hair cutting, some claim the ring finger is inserted where some place their index finger, and the little finger rests on the finger tang.


    For people who do not have the use of their hands, there are specially designed foot-operated scissors. Some quadriplegics can use a motorized mouth-operated style of scissor. Most scissors are best-suited for use with the right hand, but left-handed scissors are designed for use with the left hand. Because scissors have overlapping blades, they are not symmetric. This asymmetry is true regardless of the orientation and shape of the handles: Human hands are also asymmetric, and when closing, the thumb and fingers do not close vertically, but have a lateral component to the motion.

    Specifically, the thumb pushes out from the palm and the fingers pull inwards. But in the city of Sakai, where traditional metalwork goes back centuries, there is one man who has built his legacy on something a little different. Master blacksmith Yasuhiro Hirakawa is the only traditional scissor maker left in Japan. Follow us behind the scenes on Instagram: Visit our world directly: Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, racist or sexually-oriented language.

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    Scissors | Definition of Scissors by Merriam-Webster

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