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After attending Duke on a full athletic scholarship, Chase graduated in with a degree in Psychology. Following graduation, he decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. May 1, HAIR: Brown News Archives News Archive: Did We Miss Something? Let us know if we are missing any information in this profile. Read a biography of Christopher Hughes. Scan the many branches of the Hughes family tree. Read up on dozens of other past and present ATWT stars.

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An unknown assailant had shot Bailey twice in the head just days earlier, spraying 30 bullets into a rented SUV where four other people, including two children, had been discussing dinner plans. This was the first opportunity for Smith to assess the damage for himself. A thick, white bandage covered his skull, and his eyes were swollen and closed, as if someone had just beaten him relentlessly with a baseball bat.

There wasn't even the option of Bailey holding a conversation, as a tube inserted into his throat during his seven-hour surgery had damaged his vocal cords. A multitude of nightmarish thoughts ran through Smith's mind as he stood over Bailey, including the possibility that his longtime pal might never walk again. They had grown up together in Miami, had known each other since junior high school and had become stars at West Virginia, with Bailey setting records as a wide receiver including single-season marks for receiving yards and touchdown receptions and the career mark for touchdown catches catching passes from Smith, the all-conference quarterback.

Louis Rams -- they never imagined a day when the gun violence that too often plagued parts of Miami would catch up to them. Smith kept pondering how such a tragedy could happen when Bailey's eyes slowly opened. As Bailey raised his right hand, Smith moved closer, leaning over to glean what his friend was trying to do. Bailey continued reaching his hand forward until it clutched Smith's right hand. What is he trying to tell me? The next thing Smith knew, his buddy was playfully tugging at Smith's fingers until Smith instinctively followed that lead.

And when I saw that, despite everything that was going on, it was a big sign. I knew he was going to be OK. Bailey nearly lost his life on Nov. What he's mostly thought about since that day is how he can save his career. He started going to that spot in Malibu months ago, after he missed church one Sunday morning and a friend suggested that beach as another option for reflection. It's been a sacred sanctuary ever since, a private space where Bailey can meditate while keeping his eyes on the prize he's coveted ever since he landed in that Miami hospital room.

At 27 years old, Bailey's mindset couldn't be any clearer: Somebody stole his dream from him, and he's determined to get it back. Even when doctors cringed at the notion, he told himself he was going to play football again, and that's exactly what he plans on doing. But, just based off the odds that I've been able to overcome over these last couple years, it's been nothing short of a miracle.

BEAST by Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard

If it's healthy for me to go out there and play, then I'm definitely all in for it. The "if" that Bailey mentioned is a huge one. It's the only question he knows he can't control in this process, the one that might lead to a team doctor deciding he's already played his last football game. Even though Bailey didn't suffer any brain damage in that shooting, head trauma has been a controversial topic in the NFL for nearly two decades.

For Bailey to have a chance at returning to the league, somebody with a medical degree must believe he's not placing himself in harm's way. Bailey already feels confident that he's taken every possible precaution -- he had a titanium plate inserted into his skull last October to protect his brain -- and he's never shown any issues related to head trauma. Jeffrey Kutcher, a Michigan-based neurologist who works as a consultant with the NFL Players Association, added that people too often misconstrue the fact that concussions involve the brain and not the skull.

As long as the structure of his skull is intact, he should be fine.

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Bailey also has pushed himself into spectacular shape. After losing nearly 30 pounds following the shooting, he's back to carrying pounds on his 5-foot frame, just four pounds shy of his playing weight in his last season with the Rams. Bailey works out relentlessly with former Rams teammates these days, and he participated in two college pro days in March at Marshall and West Virginia. Essentially, there isn't anything he won't do to earn another opportunity in the league.

After surviving shooting, Stedman Bailey chasing NFL return

That combination of passion and potential has impressed plenty of people. After watching Bailey run sharp routes and display strong hands at West Virginia's pro day, Mountaineers head coach Dana Holgorsen said, "He looks like the same old Stedman to me. We called him 'Steady B' because that's what he was -- steady. He still runs those smooth routes. He still has those same great hands.

I would think somebody would give him a shot because he looks the same way he always has. Added an AFC scout in attendance: But he looked good to me. He didn't blow the 40 out of the water this scout clocked Bailey at 4.

Bailey Chase reflects on his acting journey, from ‘Buffy’ to ’ Legacy’ & ‘Twin Peaks’ – Screener

I told our people that he had a good workout. He definitely did enough to stir up a conversation with some teams. After that, it's all about how people feel about the risk. The other thing that caught the scout's eye at West Virginia's pro day was Bailey's behavior. One minute, he was off to the side, telling a running back how to tighten his routes coming out of the backfield. The next, Bailey was teaching a receiver how to catch the ball in a manner that prevented defenders from reaching in and knocking it out.

He even made a point of continually boosting the confidence of the young Division II quarterback throwing him passes. Bailey didn't hide his enthusiasm for being back in a place that enabled him to reach the pinnacle -- to this point -- of his football dreams. You just have to understand that certain things happen in life that are out of our control.

But the way you respond to it pretty much determines what kind of person you are. So I've just always been determined to just fight through all the adversity.

I'm moving on and just looking forward to what's to come. The people who know Bailey say it's not surprising that he's not bitter about what happened, or that he's so intent on returning to the NFL. A positive attitude and a single-minded nature are what earned him a spot in pro football in the first place.

Growing up in Miramar, Florida, a suburb of Miami, he learned the value of being tough at an early age. He also never relented when things weren't going his way. When the marquee in-state programs didn't want him -- Miami, Florida State and Florida all ignored him coming out of Miramar High -- Bailey set his sights on West Virginia. He even convinced Smith to come along with him, even though the four-star QB recruit was seriously thinking about attending Alabama.

One day after high school practice, the team's coach told Smith and Bailey that a local radio station wanted to interview them to see about their college choices. When Smith followed Bailey to the microphone, the host informed him that Bailey had said both players were committing to the Mountaineers.

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Chase has also starred in the thriller Summoned alongside Cuba Gooding, Jr. Chase was born in Chicago, Illinois. He spent time growing up between Barrington, Illinois and Naples, Florida , and went to high school in Jacksonville. He graduated in with a degree in psychology. He now resides primarily in Los Angeles with his wife Amy and their three children. The show aired on February 5, , following the Super Bowl, prior to moving to a Monday evening time-slot.

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