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This is why I read the Bible: I have to thank Jen Wilkin for helping me see this more clearly. You should read it! Someone asked me recently if I was a God-worshipper or a Bible worshipper. My answer was simple: I want to be conformed to the image of God. How can I become conformed to an image that I never behold? I am not a Bible-worshipper, but I cannot truly be a God-worshipper without loving the Bible deeply and reverently.

Otherwise, I worship an unknown god. A Bible-worshipper loves an object. A God-worshipper loves a person.

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Paula no longer tries to catch guys' attention by swallowing live goldfish, arm wrestling, and jumping down flights of stairs. She's married to a wonderful man now! She spends her days caring for her son, Iren, and writing for Revive Our Hearts.

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Before I read my Bible in the morning, I pray and ask God to reveal to me what He wants me to learn from Him that day. I used to read the Bible because I was told. The Bible is our tool. His word is too special to take for granted.

Because you never left.

I enjoy reading why people read the Bible. I feel like at times it becomes so habitual for me, when I want it to really mean something. I read the Bible because it is one of the ways that God speaks to me. It is like His letter just for me!

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Thanks for this post Paula. At times I think oh I can go today without his word but when I read where I was going to read the day before I realize the blessing and message that he had waiting for me and I turned it down by not reading my bible that day. He has such amazing promises and reassurance for me each day. And I pray that I will become more faithful not only in reading his word but learning more about Him.

Thank you again for your ministry! Thanks for posting this! Wow, I love that quote! Thanks for the inspiration! Thank you so much for bringing up the pony that we re not to worship the bible but worship the living God! No one was watching but I was just over joyed with the real ness of it all!! I read the Bible because, by doing it, I become closer to God. I will admit that sometimes I read the Bible simply just to say I have, and not with a goal of growing in a relationship with my Creator. But what do you do when you have personal experiences you want to remember?

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So here are a few ways to do just that. The same is true for remembering a glimpse of God. The Scripture that spoke so personally to your heart this morning? Use it to hold reminders of those special moments of seeing God in a new light.

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You could keep slips of paper handy to write on. Or keep small objects that will help you remember the miracles.

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Think of how incredible it would be to look back through the jar on a rough day, remembering that God is working in your life and will continue to do so. Are you a poet? Are you a runner?

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Take a run and log your insights at the end. Are you an accountant? Add up all the ways God has met with you this week and create a spreadsheet. Spend time with him and ask him to provide you with the memory of a way he has worked in the past.