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It was an important dinner she had planned How would you feel if after waiting for him and then having to leave the restaurant without a joyful dinner? Maddie had designed some shoes for a film nominated for a Viewers's Choice Award to be held in a couple of days, so she had to get ready to face that red carpet in a borrowed Versace designed dress. Her friend Dana had been her aerobics instructor but now was an actress dating Ricky Montgomery, a major hot film star.

They will be arriving together at the awards presentation. It would be their first Valentine's Day since being married, and it was also their first anniversary.

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Maddie had it all planned out Dana suggests something really sexy to buy at the Peach's Pleasure Den. But what they found at the Den did not enhance sexual pleasure: After a heated discussion between Ramirez and Maddie when she learns he'll be working the case on their special day she finally gets an idea of how to solve the dilemma Maddie will solve the crime for him! This can only lead to more trouble!

This story is a totally, fun read, well written, many twists and turns.

I only wish it were a little longer. Highly absorbing and funny. You'll enjoy it, too! Picked this one up when it was free as I wanted to try this author before committing to a full length novel. I found the story to be cute and a bit quirky. Enjoyed it enough that I have picked up some of her full length work to read. The chance to try new authors is the main reason I watch the free offerings.

I have found quite a few I like and a few I am glad I didn't pay for. It appears she is traditionally published as well as e-published. I have noticed that those authors works tend to be more expensive. I've read some other High Heel stories and while this is a short one it's still just as quirky. Maddie, Dana and Ramirez are just perfect characters.

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Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Gemma Halliday has written the high heels mystery series which now consists of eight books. So far, I have read the first five books and I just treated myself to the next three kindle versions so I'll be reviewing them soon enough.

In this novella, the main character-Kya wears shoes designed by Maddie. It is a cute idea for a spin-off and I found it very entertaining. Kya, our main character is reserved, anti-social, and has low self-esteem. She works in a cubicle designing websites and spends her evenings in her sweatpants with her cat keeping her company. Kya slips her feet into the red heels and feels her confidence rise and finds herself doing things that she would normally never dream of doing.

Kya goes to a club with some co-workers and falls into modeling as a result. This is where the book gets really interesting and I don't want to give too much away. Halliday uses a very similar formula to write this novella as was used in the other High Heel novels. Her writing style is very relaxing and I find I can instantly lose myself in her words.

I love when authors are able to do that. I would definitely recommend this novella, especially if you wanted to get a taste for Gemma Halliday's writing without dedicating yourself to a whole novel. This story is short and sweet and very entertaining! I really enjoyed this short novel. Gemma Halliday at her best! The lead character was well developed and an interesting plot, with a supernatural element! You've got a lazy couple hours on the beach, by the pool, in the hammock - take this story along! A light, funny read, with just a hint of thriller.

Best of all, you can totally believe this whole thing could happen because the story is as much about Kya taking chances as it is about the "haunting". All of us have probably been in Kya's place, she just shows us what could happen if we venture into realizing our unfulfilled dreams.

I liked this book, and because I'm into the High Heels series I had to read it. I guess I did find it just a little predictable where the love interest was concerned, and perhaps the main character not quite that believable considering she was supposed to be a computer geek but sudddenly because she dressed up in a sexy pair of heels she attracts attention of a modelling agency. A good short story, with murder and mystery and if you're after an easy read, this one is good.

Okay, this was the only book in the series that was only "okay". Had I known this was not a real "high heel mystery" book, I probably wouldn't have bought it. No Maddie, Dana, Marco or Jack. Didn't really get in to the story. I was a little mislead on this one.

Sweetheart in High Heels (a High Heels Mystery short story #5.75)

I was expecting more Maddie Springer hilarity! What I found instead was a girl who bought Maddie Springer high heels. I wasn't disappointed though. This book while I didn't giggle through it like I do the Maddie books was one that I couldn't put down. A boring office worker finds fabulous shoes and takes on a second life that is the fantasy of all us suburban mommys- UH YA!!!

The story was okay but if you think you are buying a Maddie Springer book you're not.

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None of the "High Heel" characters are in this novella. Love is in the air, But Maddie doesnt get to feel the love when she and her friend Dana visit a sex shop and find the owner dead. Determined to have her romantic Valentines Anniversary, Maddie decides to solve the case herself. With only 4 short chapers in this story, Maddie interviews The shop co-owner, The boyfriend, and the roomate of the deceased.

Turned out Peach the dead owner was a sweet person, and no-one had any reasons to see her dead. After knocking over famous Betty White a red car Love is in the air, But Maddie doesnt get to feel the love when she and her friend Dana visit a sex shop and find the owner dead. I am sorely dissapointed that this was a short and not a full length novel. Miss Halliday has got pure talent just oozing off her fingers and really knows how to bring her characters to life. I just really wish that the series would continue and that her publisher had not switched all her work to e-book form.

Not fair to the fans, but hey Feb 05, Lesley rated it it was amazing. I have read Gemma Halliday's other High Heels Mystery books up to this one, and although this was a short one, I loved it as much as I've loved the rest. I love Maddie and Ramirez's relationship. I know it's frustrating for her to always come in 2nd to his job, but that's part of what makes the books work. He's dedicated to his job - has been since before they met, and she loves him in spite of it, just as he loves her in spite of her always getting involved to help solve the mysteries.

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This one I have read Gemma Halliday's other High Heels Mystery books up to this one, and although this was a short one, I loved it as much as I've loved the rest. This one was a quick wrap up. I would have loved to have it go more in-depth and be a longer read, but it worked as it is. Plus it was nice to have a fast and fun read during lunch today!

Just added books, 6, 6. Jan 17, Pattianne rated it it was amazing. But fashion designer turned amateur sleuth Maddie Springer is determined that her husband's latest case, dubbed the "Sex Shop Murder", will not keep him from celebrating their first anniversary together, which just Sweetheart in High Heels - High Heel Mystery Series 5. She's ready to do whatever it takes to make this night special and distraction-free - even if it means solving his case herself Dec 27, Laura rated it really liked it.

It's not a full book, and it fits in between the 5th book Mayhem in High Heels and the new 6th book Fearless in High Heels. It's life after Maddie is married. It's a very short cozy mystery murder story. You will probably get through this book in about 30 minutes to 1 hour. While there isn't much "substance" to this short story it is a cute read, especially if you've been following Maddie since book one.

It's cheap to buy on the Kindle- so I would say it's worth it.

Sweetheart in High Heels (a High Heels Mystery short story #) | Cozy Mysteries Unlimited

If you Cute short story. If you are interested in reading the entire series I highly suggest reading it in order! It doesn't have to be read in order, but will make a lot more sense if you do. This was the second novella I read from this series, after the first one I wasn't ready to commit to a full length novel. I really wanted to like these characters more than I did, the idea of Maddie the clever shoe designer and Ramirez the cop appealed to me.

I know some liked the guest appearance in the book, but I thought it was a bit silly. I did like how all the pieces of the mystery fell into plac This was the second novella I read from this series, after the first one I wasn't ready to commit to a full length novel. I did like how all the pieces of the mystery fell into place alter a simple unrelated comment in a conversation.

I might give one of the High Heels novels in the series a try, they just aren't on the top of my TRB list. May 22, Rosie Comia rated it really liked it Shelves: Loved the Betty White tumble at the read carpet. I just wondered what happened to Maddie during the red carpet event since she had no shoes which she lent to Betty White. Hope to read the other books in the series. I've enjoyed the ones I've read even though I didn't read them in chronological order. Feb 07, Norma Huss rated it liked it Shelves: First, let me say I usually prefer reading full-length novels over short stories.

However, if you're a short-story reader of mystery, this is satisfying. It's sassy, up-to-the-minute, and into fashion, especially shoes. I'd loved to have seen the plot developed into a full-length mystery, with clues coming after hard detecting instead of dropping like flies , and maybe a check with Dr. Lyle for medical accuracy. But, a fun read. Jan 07, Kristina Curtis rated it really liked it.

I have had these books on my kindle shelf for a long time and have been trying to clean my kindle cloud out so I finally got around to trying out the short stories. This one was a little over fifty pages long but was packed with a good mystery and romance centered around Valentine's Day. It whetted my appetite enough to finally bite the bullet and start this series.

Sweetheart in High Heels

Very nice little read. Feb 15, Denise rated it it was amazing Shelves: The storyline is cute. This short story is a cute and funny adventure for Maddie to once again amuse me. I love her character. Her antics seem to work in her favor, most of the time. I enjoy reading this series. A great add to your tbr list. Jan 06, Monica rated it really liked it Shelves: Maddie wants to spend her first anniversary with her husband, but in order to do that, she'll need to help him solve a murder, so he'll have time off. This narrative is cute, funny, interspersed with humor, all while wrapped around an underlying mystery.

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Characters are authentic, caring, and in some cases comical. Overall, a cute read.