Systemtheorie - Methoden und Anwendungen für ein- und mehrdimensionale Systeme (German Edition)

Audaz, productivo y feliz constituye una valiosa guía para alcanzar la Éxito. Una guía extraordinaria (Autoayuda Y Superación) (Spanish Edition) El líder que no tenía cargo: Una fábula moderna sobre el liderazgo en la o Conseguir un rendimiento extraordinario en tu trabajo y en tu vida. . 1-Stunden-Lieferung.

Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Origine du prénom Rachel (Oeuvres courtes) (French Edition) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Origine du prénom Rachel (Oeuvres courtes) (French Edition) book. Happy reading Origine du prénom Rachel (Oeuvres courtes) (French Edition) Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF Origine du prénom Rachel (Oeuvres courtes) (French Edition) at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Origine du prénom Rachel (Oeuvres courtes) (French Edition) Pocket Guide.

The Hengwrt Chaucer Digital Facsimile. The Hengwrt Chaucer Standard Edition. The Wife of Bath's prologue and tale: The Carlyle Letters Online. Duke University Press, "Here you will find a perspective on the 19th century like no other, through the words of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle. Browse over 10, of their collected letters by date, by recipient, by subject, and by volume. We invite you to explore a correspondence that features some of the most influential artistic, philosophic, and literary personalities of the day. Transcriptions are presented on two levels: Le Cartulaire de la Seigneurie de Nesle.

Institut de Recherche et d'Histoire des Textes, A digital edition of Simon Forman's and Richard Napier's medical records Our database of transcriptions, browsable and searchable, brings together the details of the thousands of clients who consulted these men and the questions they asked.

It allows sophisticated interrogation and easy perusal of a manuscript archive famed as much for its difficulty as its riches. La entretenida by Miguel de Cervantes: With performance in mind, the verse is presented in a way that clearly displays the poetic form, while the Performance Information and Track Character menus provide useful information about what is happening on stage. Various indices names, places, occupations, specialist terminology, sub-languages, proverbs and performance and a Google Map of places mentioned help to contextualize the play.

The copies of all editions in the variorum have been collated and all variants have been identified, classified and annotated. Users can select editions and chapters and then access the unedited text documentary text or the same text edited by a particular editor. The existing variants and emended texts are color coded according to their categories. Cli[c]king on any of the variants, emendations and annotations opens another window showing their specific details and information.

The unedited text shows only the variants resulting from the collation between the base text and all other copies. Clicking on the highlighted variants shows the complete list of variants present on the collation. Users can click on the Folio numbers shown in the text to navigate to the browsing display to further check readings in the facsimile editions" [from resource]. The Charette Project 2.

Uitti, Gina Greco et al. It makes available a critical edition, to which a fully searchable database of rhetorico-poetic figures and grammatical data will shortly be added, and the entire manuscript tradition eight manuscripts in images and diplomatic transcriptions. Le Chevalier de la Charette. Guy Jacquesson [Guy de Pernon], o. Der Trick liegt in der Pfeil-Rechts-Taste. Geoffrey Chaucer's Book of the Duchess: Die Webseiten sind seit auch nicht mehr gewartet worden.

Manuscript, Transcription, and Modernization. Created by Richard W. Bailey, Marilyn Miller, and Colette Moore. Chroniques latines de Saint-Denis. Louis Circuit Court RecordsS. Louis, "The present project builds on prior projects of the St. Louis by transcribing selected cases, and encoding them with a schema developed for the project to represent the legal function of the documents. The project aims to give greater voice to the petitioners and invites your help to this end.

Directed by Patrick A. Kentucky Historical Society, "The Civil War Governors of Kentucky Digital Documentary Edition is a freely-accessible online collection of historical documents associated with the chief executives of the state, Civil War Governors is about far more than the five governors, though.

The project records the diverse and largely unknown lives of tens of thousands of Kentuckians, and opens new windows onto the local and personal Civil War stories that have been overlooked. Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Project lead by Esther van Gelder, The Hague: The edition is produced in eLaborate, an online collaborative editing tool developed at the Huygens ING.

The first release December includes metadata belonging to all known letters, scans of letters and transcriptions at different stages of completion of almost letters. Digitale Edition der Handschrift Cod. Jahrhundert in Norditalien geschrieben. Die angestrebte Digitale Edition der Handschrift Cod. Die Sankt Galler Nibelungenhandschrift, Codex Codice diplomatico della Lombardia medievale.

A cura di Michele Ansani et al.

Created by Marjorie A. Elektronische Volltexte Transkripte, teilweise mit Kommentaren und Kontextmaterialien. The Fall of Robespierre The Wanderings of Cain. It seeks to correct standard presentations of the work, which consist solely of Canto II. This project aims to digitize and publish online a complete archive of the correspondence covering the period from [ All the material on this site originates in the work of Dr.

James Hendrickson and his team of collaborators at the University of Victoria, which resulted in the publication of 28 print volumes of correspondence several years ago.

Ariana: A Glimpse of Eternity

The Model Edition Partnership: Documentary History of the First Federal Congress. Einige haben in den letzten Jahren Erweiterungen und Relaunches erfahren und sind damit aus den "Mini-Editions" herausgewachsen. The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. University of Wisconsin [no publication year mentioned; before ]. This has been "The Model Edition Partnership: It was once published at http: This is my old comment from Unter der Leitung von Michael Menzel.

Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Constitutiones et Acta publica imperatorum et regum. Dokumente zur Geschichte des Deutschen Reiches und seiner Verfassung Der Link zielt auf eine Informationsseite zum immer noch laufenden Projekt. Corpus Juris Canonici This will be the first re-printing of the glossed text of the Liber Extra since the appearance of the editio Romana.

This edition of the laws, edited by the Roman Correctors, and provided with numerous indexes to assist in navigating the canons and understanding terminology, will allow historians and legal scholars to study canon law with the aid of the original textual apparatus glossa ordinaria. The publication of the Liber Extra will be followed during by the appearance of the glossed texts of Decretum Gratiani and the Liber Sextus. This web site contains the archives of the CMCL: Das Langzeitunternehmen versucht neue Wege zu gehen.

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Corpus Rhythmorum Musicum saec. A project of the University of Siena in Arezzo coordinated by Francesco Stella with critical editions of the texts [ Musical edition by Samuel Barrett University of Cambridge. An introduction to the manuscripts by Patrizia Stoppacci. This first volume and CD-ROM presents a collection of poems and music as transmitted in non-liturgical manuscripts: The CD-ROM also includes digital reproductions of and transcriptions from all manuscripts, recordings of musical performances of modern transcriptions, and archives of paleographical, musical, linguistical and metrical data that may be searched using software designed by Luigi Tessarolo.

Biographies et monographies sont accessibles depuis le texte des lettres. Gli anni della cupola. Edited by Catherine Dobias-Lalou. Cyrenaica, the second gathering the Greek metrical texts of all periods VI B. These new critical editions of inscriptions from Cyrenaica are part of the international project Inscriptions of Libya InsLib.

For the first time all the inscriptions known to us in March , coming from this area of the ancient Mediterranean world, are assembled in a single online and open access publication. D'Alembert en toutes lettres. Streng genommen handelt es sich um retrodigitalisierte Druckausgaben. Insofern erhebt das Projekt durchaus einen wissenschaftlichen und kritischen Anspruch. Including a manuscript database, manuscript images, transcriptions, edited texts, welsh paraphrases, english translations, audio versions, and contextual essays.

De trein der traagheid. Deze verschillende tekstversies kunnen afzonderlijk worden geraadpleegd, met mekaar worden vergeleken en letterlijk naast elkaar worden gelegd op het scherm. Van het plan en het handschrift zijn digitale facsimiles opgenomen. Met behulp van de geavanceerde exportfuncties van de editie kan de gebruiker een uitprintbare PDF-versie genereren van een zelf samengestelde editie. Vanzelfsprekend bevat deze editie ook een verantwoording en een beschrijving van de tekstgeschiedenis. Ook de tekstcodering en technische aspecten van de editie worden gedocumenteerd.

Een handleiding gidst de gebruiker doorheen de verschillende functies die de editie biedt. Van den Branden, Edward Vanhoutte und X. Commedia - A Digital Edition. The transcripts are accompanied by digital images of all pages of six of the manuscripts, all newly made in high-resolution full colour, and by the full text of the editions of Petrocchi and Sanguineti.

A full word-by-word collation shows all variants at every word, viewable in either the original manuscript spelling or in a standardised form. Variant search and variant map features offer new ways of exploring the relations between the versions. Extensive editorial commentaries analyse the relations among the surviving texts, and examine the view of the tradition recently set out by Federico Sanguineti. Throughout, the publication interface provides access to every word in every version, to the variants on every word, and to tools and commentaries permitting exploration of the different versions.

Shaw's text is supported by full transcripts of the text of all twenty manuscripts and of the editio princeps, together with digital images of all pages, many of them newly made in high-resolution full colour. A full word-by-word collation shows all variants at every word, viewable in either the original manuscript spelling or in the standardised form found in the edited text. Variant search and variant map features offer new ways of exploring the textual tradition.

Extensive editorial commentaries analyse the relations among the surviving texts, presenting the editorial rationale which guided the choice of readings contained in the edited text. Edited by John van Wyhe et al. There are also many newly transcribed and never before published manuscripts such as Darwin's Beagle field notebooks.

Also appearing for the first time online are complete images of Darwin's early notebooks on geology, transmutation of species and metaphysical enquiries. Directed by James A. University of Cambridge, As of , the digital edition contains more than letters. There is a search interface but no browsing structures that would make an easy overview and entrance. The portal, however, offers manifold contextual material, learning reasources and special features. The Temple of Nature The Destruction of Troy. This project conforms fully to the Text Encoding Initiative guidelines.

Digital Philology 1 , S. Ray Siemens has called for scholars 'to extend our understanding of the scholarly edition in light of new models of edition production that embrace social networking and its commensurate tools… [to develop] the social edition as an extension of the traditions in which it is situated and which it has the potential to inform productively'.

Bringing practice to theory, we have modeled the social edition, working as a team to extend scholarly best practice and open-access methodology to collaborative technologically mediated scholarly editing in Web 2. We have chosen to build our edition Wikibooks, alongside and with help from the dedicated Wikibooks community.

Our goal, through community engagement via Wikibooks, twitter, blogs, and drupal-based social media space, is to use existing social media tools to change the role of the scholarly editor from the sole authority on the text to a facilitator who brings traditional and citizen scholars into collaboration through ongoing editorial conversation. The Correspondence of John Dewey. Stark auf Kontextualisierung ausgerichtet: Anhand verschiedener Autoren des Edited by Zarko Vojosevic, Belgrade: It contains images, diplomatic analyses, and editions of their preserved charters and letters issued from the late 12th to the early 16th century.

Diplomatische Dokumente der Schweiz DodiS. Domesday Explorer, Version 1. To help the reader understanding the topic, the notes point towards numerous files that supply information about the historical and literary context. Frederick Douglass Papers - Digital Edition. It was once accessible through http: This was my comment from The Dream of the Rood: Created by Mary Rambaran-Olm, [probably Calgary] Presents a text from the Vercelli Book with transcription, glossary, commentary, translation, manuscript images and some introduction. Korrespondenzen und Texte, teilweise als Abbildungen, teilweise als unkritische Volltexte, teilweise als annotierte Transkriptionen.

Martin Stingelin, Dokumentation statt Edition? Moderne im Rheinland, The project aims to create a complete, modern, annotated edition of this difficult manuscript, combining XML TEI and database technologies. The edition will be a paper publication of the transcript, generated indices, linguistic and prosopographical commentary, with digital facsmile and other resources on DVD-ROM. Depending on time issues, there may also be an online component to the publication.

A very short note on the project is provided by a King's College page. Nearly , document images are now available in digital format. The database also includes documents from Part IV and Part V in-progress of the microfilm edition as well as material from the Outside Repositories that have been indexed but not yet digitized. Another feature enables users to search for words and phrases appearing in the approximately 4, targets descriptive introductions to the folders and volumes.

Through the series notes, the edition provides links to targets at the series, subseries, and folder or volume levels. It also provides a list with linked images of all records in a particular folder or volume when the associated target is brought to the screen. The Papers of Dwight David Eisenhower.

Question Period: Carbon tax plan, Saudi arms deal — October 25, 2018

Die Glossen Ekkeharts IV. Heinrich von Veldeke — Eneasroman. Alfred Escher - Briefedition. Die Briefe werden sowohl als gedruckte Reihe als auch online als digitale Edition publiziert. Das Text-Image-Linking ist allerdings nur eines von zahlreichen bemerkenswerten Features. Orte und Personen farbig hervorheben zu lassen. Beta version 1 Created by Donald J. The "site is the home of a new open-access digital edition of the scholia on the plays of the ancient Athenian tragedian Euripides born ca.

There are [via filters] currently three levels of detail offered: The content can be filtered to include everything prefatory material or arguments and scholia of all kinds ; only the old scholia scholia vetera ; all scholia except those tagged as glosses Muir, Exeter, University of Exeter Press, The DVD] contains an animated background documentary on the history of the manuscript, a selection of readings in both Old and Modern English, recordings of some of the Latin antiphons which inspired the poet of the 'Advent Lyrics', an illustrated report by Nicholas Pickwoad on the present state of the binding, and the full text of the edition.

Gaehtgens and Anne Tempelaere-Panzani. Centre Allemand d'histoire de l'art, Die Briefe aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg sind durch einen digitalen Bestandskatalog erschlossen. Die Briefe sind nach Stichworten, Datum und Konvolut zu durchsuchen und dann auch im Konvolutszusammenhang aufzurufen. Cork Open Research Archive The project involved the digitisation of the and diaries of the late German-born Irish composer, Aloys Fleischmann — In addition to digital preservation, the aim of the Fleischmann Diaries project was to create a freely available digitisation prototype for scholars and non-practitioners, providing them with a reproducible model.

The project focused on digital photography and the online publication of the digitised archive. Future expansion will consist of metadata development, which will transform the site into an enhanced scholarly resource. A supporting dissertation, documenting the technical process and establishing a theoretical basis, is published on the dissertation page of the site. Digitale genetisch-kritische und kommentierte Edition. Herzog August Bibliothek, TEI-based digital edition offering facsimile, original transcription, and modern french transcription with some prefatory remarks, commentary and bibliography.

Die Cameralia des Stadtarchivs Regensburg, Bd. Ausgebbuch, Ausgaben der Stadt Regensburg - Bearbeitet von Matthias P. Das Stiftungsbuch des Bruderhauses Bestand Almosenamt. Bearbeitet von Heidrun Boshof, Graz, Diane Favro principal investigator , Los Angeles: The navigable reconstruction of the Forum represents statues within their urban context so as to indicate the space in which civic rituals occurred. The visualization relies upon archeological evidence that precisely attests to the original display spots of many statues; carefully considered hypotheses point toward plausible locations of the other artworks.

The Papers of Benjamin Franklin. This digital edition includes texts of the published papers and unverified, rough transcriptions of the as-yet-unpublished material. The rough transcriptions will be replaced with verified texts as future volumes of the Franklin Papers are published. The texts are fully searchable and they are indexed by volume, name of correspondent, and date. The digital edition does not include [the] editorial headnotes and footnotes [from the printed volumes]. It does, however, contain biographical sketches of all Franklin's correspondents, written exclusively for this database, and it provides translations of some of the French documents.

It is based on] TEI P5 XML-encoded transcriptions which comprise poetry drafts and scholarly annotations and introductions for each poem; the edition also includes images of original manuscripts as well as theoretical essays. Within the edition, these objects are incorporated into the free, open-source Javascript application called the Versioning Machine http: T]he Versioning Machine [hs been augmented] specifically for this edition in order to incorporate intra- and inter-lineal comparisons.

More than manuscript volumes containing the Chronicles have survived [ It delivers complete or partial transcriptions of all surviving manuscripts containing these Books, a new translation into modern English providing readers with an accessible way of exploring chapters selected from the first three Books, several complete high-resolution reproductions of illuminated manuscript copies, and a range of secondary materials codicological descriptions, name index, historical commentaries, textual commentaries, scholarly essays, glossary and commentaries on the illustrations.

The Online Froissart also provides a number of advanced tools to unlock the riches of the resource. Toquemada en la hoguera. Galileo Galilei's Notes on Motion - Ms. Die Handschrift ist faksimiliert, Text und Zeichnungen transkribiert und mit editorischem Markup versehen. The Gascon Rolls Project The edition will initially be provided as an online resource only. It will be available alongside high quality digital images of the original rolls provided by The National Archives TNA. There will also be extensive indexes which will be fully searchable and a full historical introduction which will make the edition an invaluable resource for scholars" [from resource].

Akademie der Wissenschaften [ohne Jahr; evtl. There is information about the location of the manuscript, of copies and of print editions to the individual letters. This information is completed by a summary, citation overview of the letter and details of known researchers to uncertain data like missing dates, places etc. In diesem Archiv schrieben vom Januar bis zum Pascal Mercier, Alain Goulet et al.

St Gall Priscian glosses. The Diary of William Godwin. It maps the radical intellectual and political life of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, as well as providing extensive evidence on publishing relations, conversational coteries, artistic circles and theatrical production over the same period. One can also trace the developing relationships of one of the most important families in British literature [ The diary has been transcribed and encoded so that it is fully searchable. High resolution scanned images of the diary are also provided.

Der junge Goethe in seiner Zeit. Zur Darstellung wird Folio Views verwendet. Inzwischen gibt es auch eine Internet-Version der Edition. Manuscrito digital de Juan Goytisolo. Queste del saint Graal. Diary of Robert Graves and ancillary material. Digitale Abbildungen und tief ausgezeichneter und annotierter Volltext, der als diplomatische Abschrift dargestellt wird.

Papers of General Nathanael Greene. The William Elliot Griffis Collection: Enthalten sind zumindest Transkription mit kritischem Apparat und Abbildungen der handschriftlichen Vorlagen. Editionsprojekt Karl Gutzkow - Kommentierte digitale Gesamtausgabe. Die Gutzkow-Ausgabe erscheint im Internet [ Das virtuelle Hamburgische Urkundenbuch. Project lead by Alison Wiggins.

University of Glasgow, Version 1. The Charles Harpur Critical Archive. The [Samuel] Hartlib Papers. Ein eher experimentelles akademisches Projekt - "an academic exercise for students as well as a lesson in academic contribution and scholarship". Es vereinigt die beiden historisch-kritischen Heine-Editionen, die parallel in der Bundesrepublik und der DDR entstanden.

Hinzu kommen digitale Faksimiles handschriftlicher wie gedruckter Textzeugen, Bild- und Quellenmaterialien. Tractatus de captione urbis Brandenburg. A Hemans-Byron Dialogue National Library of Medicine, This digital edition is divided into 5-year blocks for ease of navigation and contextual narrative. Each electronic text was created by transcription of the original texts.

No spelling, grammatical, or word usage corrections were made to the original text. Editorial interventions are enclosed with square brackets [ ]. Page images are of the original text. The Papers of Joseph Henry. Letters of William Herle Project. Centre for Editing Lives and Letters, A word-search facility allows the letter transcripts to be searched for particular words or phrases according to a range of criteria.

Sample images illustrate features of the material nature of these letters. There are also editorial materials that include an introduction, biographical register, bibliography and details of the project's editorial policy. Hesperia - Banco de datos de lenguas paleohispanicas. Directed by Javier de Hoz.

Universidad Complutense de Madrid, The Holinshed Project Raphael Holinshed: Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland. In the meantime we have developed a parallel text edition of the two versions of the Chronicles published in and This enables all interested in the Chronicles to make comparisons between the two texts, and provide an essential tool for the later full edition.

Potomitan - Bibliographie et Références haïtiennes

Registers van de Hollandse grafelijkheid Huygens Instituut, [no year given; before ]. University of Houston, The evolution and the resulting multiformity of the textual tradition, reflected in the many surviving texts of Homer, must be understood in its many different historical contexts. Using technology that takes advantage of the best available practices and open source standards that have been developed for digital publications in a variety of fields, the Homer Multitext offers free access to a library of texts and images and tools to allow readers to discover and engage with the Homeric tradition.

The Political House that Jack Built.

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Historisch-kritische Ausgabe — Digitale Edition. Ein besonderes Interesse liegt dabei auf der Methode der Dramennetzwerkanalyse und den damit einhergehenden Visualisierungstechniken. De Humani Corporis Fabrica. University of Oxford, s. The University of Iowa Libraries, In addition to being one of the most outspoken and influential journalists in the age of the French Revolution, Hunt was a prolific prose writer and an innovative poet. This digital collection aims to make both facsimile images and word-searchable transcripts of approximately 1, letters written by Hunt and his acquaintances available to scholars and the interested public.

Huon d'Auvergne Digital Archive.

A Glimpse of Eternity: The Story of Arianas Daughters

Washington and Lee University, The first phase of the project develops the first version of the Huon digital archive, which includes diplomatic editions of all four extant manuscripts, an accompanying English translation, and a reading interface that demonstrates protocols for textual analysis and comparison of variants. From the initial foundation of phase one, the Huon editorial team will build additional functionality involving high-resolution scans of the four Franco-Italian manuscripts, creating an interactive and linked reading environment.

Henrik Ibsens skrifter Henrik Ibsen's Writings. Disse standardene skiller seg fra dem som er fulgt i tidligere tekstkritiske utgaver av Ibsen. Henrik Ibsens skrifter er tidligere —10 kommet ut i en trykt utgave HISb. Den elektroniske utgaven HISe inneholder i tillegg til alt materiale fra bokutgaven samtlige tekstkilder til de ederte tekstene, det vil si alle manuskripter og alle trykte utgaver i dikterens levetid. Tekstkildene gjengis i diplomatarisk bokstavrett transkripsjon. Tekstkildene kan stilles opp ved siden av hverandre slik at variasjonen mellom dem blir synlig.

Jun 24, Marci rated it it was ok Shelves: So this whole series has sort of been the same for me. I like the main character Ariana but everything is so happy, sad, happy, sad and up, down, up, down. Just sort of predictable. But a quick, easy read.

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Sep 03, Adree rated it it was amazing. This book has always been checked out when I go to the library. I would like to read it soon though. I now some of what happens in this book from reading all of the other books in this searies. I cant wate to read this one. The Making of a Queen Ariana Volume 1. Sponsored products related to this item What's this? Enduring Trials God's Way: Trials are part of life and God wants to use them for your good! Struggling with low self-esteem? The Power of Positive Energy: A second chance to prove that love never fails.

The Joy of Mindfulness: Start your journey to an island of calm, inner peace and joy with the magic of mindfulness and explore a new stress-free world. Are you sick of your inner critic? Songs to New York. Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on Amazon. Cedar Fort February 1, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. Earnest efforts of characters that keep the reader involved in all areas and experiences throughout the book. I love the Ariana series of books. This book is about Ariana's three daughters. I was so happy to be able to read about the daughters and to see what happens to them.

I really enjoyed Josette's story. As always, a great read! Hard to put down! It has been a long time since I read this book but I still remember the series. Well written and gripping. III, no 6, pp. IV, no 7, pp. Les Antinationaux, actes et principes , G. Le pouvoir des mots, les maux du pouvoir. Etzer Vilaire , Impr. Le vieux Port-au-Prince , Impr.

Nerfs du vent , P. Le Natal, Port-au-Prince, Une page d'histoire , Impr. Kugelmann, Paris, ; L'haleine du centenaire La crise de possession. Fam Yo La, Port-au-Prince, Mon pays que voici , P. Valcin Imprimeur, Port-au-Prince, ?