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Where do things get bogged down? Why do we still hand off the work from department to department or person to person in this pattern? Where are the choke points or areas of frustration? It's easy to focus on small fixes in daily work instead of re-evaluating the why and how of old -- or even new -- systems. Enlist your staff to help you.

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You may find that what you've been writing off as their "whining" about roadblocks are actual pressure points that may provide insights for improvement. Let people know you are open to hearing about problems, especially from those people who also offer pragmatic, realistic solutions. Even when capital and operating budgets are anemic, make a "wish list" of hardware, software, and yes, people you would add right now if you could.

Managers often lower their expectations in tough times, censoring themselves so they don't look greedy, grumbling or goofy to their bosses. But every manager should be prepared to make a business case for resources, especially when the argument can be tied to strategy, innovation, or any result that rings of return-on-investment.

Even with no budget, be a "window shopper," who knows exactly what you'd buy or whom you'd hire with your next real spending money. Somebody on your staff, right now, is less effective than he could be because of lack of training. Somebody on your staff is less engaged than she could be because she doesn't feel like she's learned something new in a while. Training is the first casualty of tough economic times, but smart managers persevere -- finding everything from peer coaching to scholarships to bake sales to offset training costs. And don't tell me you don't have time to release someone for training.

Pretend that the person who is away today getting smarter is home sick. The business wouldn't shut down because of that sick day, right?

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Become a hiring genius. On the rare occasion you have an opening, "hire up" -- don't settle. Look for someone who takes your team to the next level. Set your standards high for skills related to your strategy, values for which you won't compromise, and people smarter than you. You're not just filling a hole when you hire, you are staking your reputation on the person's ability to improve your work and your workplace.

Scout for that talent, even when you have no openings. You never know when opportunity may present itself and you'll be ready. Here's how to drive already hard-working employees to Burnout City: Ask them to pick up the slack for others on the team who can't or won't do work to that's up to standard.

To avoid this, make certain you don't have blind spots about underperformers, especially if they are people you hired or frankly, you simply like.

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You don't have to be a jerk to hold people accountable. You can be both kind and clear about expectations. Care enough to have tough conversations about performance issues. You owe it to your staff. Bad boss habit check: This could be and probably will become a column all its own.

What bad habits of yours are making work harder for your team? Are you late to your own meetings? Do you delay decisions? Do you fail to follow up on conversations, emails, agreements? Do you resort to silence, sarcasm or screaming when you're under stress? Recognize that your emotions are contagious and your bad habits may be the one burden you could immediately lighten for your team. Even if you're not silent, sarcastic or a screamer, that doesn't mean you're a good communicator.

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In times of change, people crave information. Are you keeping people informed, and feeling included?

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Are you listening to them? When they feel they aren't in the loop, employees can fill in the blanks with their worst fears.

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  • That creates constant anxiety, a key ingredient in the recipe for burnout. The most important communication is feedback. Let people know where they stand, how they are doing, what they can be doing better and what's expected of them. I'm a Frustrated Youth Worker!: How do I read it????? I do not like it at all. I don't think the same, although this is not my favorite e-book. The quality of the e-book was excellent with the free account, but I love the e-book!

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