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An enthralling account of the life of Brian Boru, who grew to become High King of Ireland before dying in the Battle of Clontarf in This internationally best-selling author, winner of many awards in adult historical fiction, now turns her hand to historical fiction for children with a personalised account of the life of Brian Boru, from his childhood in the midst of a large warrior family to his final role as High King of Ireland.

Historian and novelist Morgan Llywelyn was born in New York City, but after the death of her husband and parents in returned to Ireland to take up citizenship in the land of her grandparents and make her permanent home there. After making the shortlist for the United States Olympic Team in Dressage in , but not making the team itself, she turned to writing historical novels exploring her Celtic roots.

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The most successful of these was Lion of Ireland - The Legend of Brian Boru , which was published in and has sold into the millions of copies. The Odyssey of the Irish.

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The Viking tyranny in Munster thus collapsed and Mahon ruled peacefully for eight years. However, Ivar returned to Ireland and murdered Mahon.

The real life of Brian Boru | Irish Examiner

Brian honourably challenged him to open combat, in which he killed Ivar, thus avoiding a bloodbath between his forces and those of Ivar. Brian succeeded his brother as head of the Dal Cais and immediately took the field against his brothers enemies.

He attacked the Vikings of Limerick and their leader, King Imar, and his sons fled to the monastery on Scattery Island to take refuge. However, Brian was not deterred by the sacred traditions and broke into the sanctuary, killing hundreds of Vikings and desecrating the church.

Step by step he established himself in the Kingship of Munster and fortified the province. In and , his fleets ravaged Connaught and plundered Meath. Malachy became High King when he overthrew a Norse army and took Dublin at the battle of Tara in A clash between the Brian and Malachy was inevitable. At last, in , they met and divided Ireland between the two of them, Brian becoming the King of the South and Malachy the King of the North.

Brian Boru

Brian Boru was High King of Ireland from to By , it was becoming clear that the joint sway of Malachy and Brian could not last. Malachy, unable to gather enough support to take on the mighty forces of Brian, allowed Brian to take over his lands peacefully. This was the greatest moment in the history of native Ireland. Together they divided Ireland between them. The King of Dublin, Sitric Silkenbeard, was soon defeated too. Mael agreed, partially because many of his own people viewed Brian as a hero who had restored Ireland to greatness after the Viking invasions.

Brian Boru (c.940-1014)

The O'Neill's had been rulers for over years. He earned his name as 'Brian of the Tributes' Brian Boru by collecting tributes from the minor rulers of Ireland and used the monies raised to restore monasteries and libraries that had been destroyed during the invasions. The Norsemen were not done yet however, and once more waged war on Brian Boru and his followers at Clontarf in Dublin in Despite the lack of backing from the men of Connaught, the Munstermen won the day but lost Brian Boru in the battle.