Systemtheorie - Methoden und Anwendungen für ein- und mehrdimensionale Systeme (German Edition)

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Skip to main content. We're sorry, something went wrong. About this product Description Dieser Klassiker der Systemtheorie wurde auf den neuesten Stand gebracht und um ein Kapitel uber mehrdimensionale Systeme erweitert. Zentrales Thema ist die grundlegende und umfassende Darstellung der Behandlung linearer Systeme mittels Spektraltransformationen. Diese mussen nicht nachrichten-, informations-, oder regelungstechnischer, sondern konnen z. Auf eine kompakte Darstellung wurde besonderer Wert gelegt, die Anspruche an die Mathematikkenntnisse des Lesers sind gering.

Das Buch ist somit sowohl als Nachschlagewerk als auch zum Lernen geeignet. Many staff converse on a regular basis with far-off coworkers; a few computer screen and manage instruments and gadgets at a distance. During this electronic age, many people engage with know-how on an everyday basis—while buying at shops, utilizing smartphones, and using in our automobiles. Download e-book for kindle: Symmetric Cryptographic Protocols by Mahalingam Ramkumar.

The booklet brings less than one roof, a number of esoteric thoughts of using symmetric cryptographic blocks. Machine Vision -- Automated Visual Inspection: Theory, Practice and Applications. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg, An introductory microcontroller programming laboratory course for first-year students. Physical layer and multi-carrier analysis for power line communication networks in Li-ion batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles.

A novel approach of canceling cyclostationary noise in low-voltage power line communications. Software-defined radio for power line communication research and development. Distributed spectrum occupancy measurements in the 0. Gewinnung und Verarbeitung hyperspektraler Fluoreszenzbilder zur optischen Mineralklassifikation. Evaluation of state-dependent pedestrian tracking based on finite sets.

Determination of engine speed by using the ceramic glow plug as a sensor element. Applicability of hyperspectral fluorescence imaging for mineral sorting. In AmE ; Automotive meets Electronics; 6. Hyperspectral image unmixing involving spatial information by extending the alternating least-squares algorithm. Channel measurements and simulations with planar inverted F-antennas in an enhanced testbed for a wireless battery management system. Automated Visual Inspection and Machine Vision.

Spatial regularization for the unmixing of hyperspectral images. Identification and sorting of regular textures according to their similarity. A novel regularization method for optical flow based head pose estimation. Hyperspectral fluorescence imaging for mineral classification. Measurements on Rogowski coils as coupling elements for power line communication in traction lithium-ion batteries.

De Gruyter Oldenbourg, Berlin, 6 edition , Spectral and geometric aspects of mineral identification by means of hyperspectral fluorescence imaging. Physical layer performance analysis of a wireless data transmission approach for automotive lithium-ion batteries. Prototyping of the physical and MAC layers of a wireless battery management system. Robust stabilization of recurrent fuzzy systems via switching control. United States Patent 8,,, July Thermal and energy battery management optimization in electric vehicles using Pontryagin's maximum principle.

In Journal of Power Sources , Vol. On applying the knock sensor for injector calibration. State-dependent and distributed pedestrian tracking using the C PHD filter. Detection of AM broadcasting stations on low voltage power lines. In ATZelektronik , 2: In Automatisierungstechnik , Vol. Image analysis and evaluation of cylinder bore surfaces in micrographs. Robustness improvement of hyperspectral image unmixing by spatial second-order regularization.

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Verdeckungs- und affin-invarianter Regionendetektor basierend auf Farb- und Frequenzinformation. Mehrdimensionale Merkmale zur Augendetektion. Industrielle Sortierung von Mineralen anhand von hyperspektralen Fluoreszenzaufnahmen -- Potenzialbewertung. Materialklassifikation in optischen Inspektionssystemen mithilfe hyperspektraler Daten. Towards a wireless battery management system: Evaluation of antennas and radio channel measurements inside a battery emulator.

Physical layer performance analysis of power line communication PLC applied for cell-wise monitoring of automotive lithium-ion batteries. Cell-wise monitoring of lithium-ion batteries for automotive traction applications by using power line communication: Narrowband Characterization in an Office Environment. Spectral and spatial unmixing for material recognition in sorting plants.

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Fabio Remondino, Mark R. Combined spatial and spectral unmixing of image signals for material recognition in automated inspection systems. In Fabio Remondino, Mark R. In Technisches Messen , Vol. Emulation of narrowband powerline data transmission channels and evaluation of PLC systems. Fusion of data from heterogeneous sensors with distributed fields of view and situation evaluation for advanced driver assistance systems. An online approach for intracranial pressure forecasting based on signal decomposition and robust statistics.

Measuring ionizing radiation with a mobile device. Algorithms and Systems VI , Vol. Determining an energy-optimal thermal management strategy for electric driven vehicles. Long-term trajectory classification and prediction of commercial vehicles for the application in advanced driver assistance systems.

From experiments to realizations: Erfassung und Erkennung menschlicher Aktionen durch Tracking von Bewegungsmerkmalen. Closed loop control strategies for glow plug surface temperature. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg, 9 edition , Grundlagen, Methoden und Praxis der Bildgewinnung und Bildauswertung. A joint integrated probabilistic data association filter for pedestrian tracking across blind regions using monocular camera and radar. Informationsfusion zur Personenerkennung mithilfe des Transferable Belief Models.

Opto-electronic sensor and object detection method. European patent, EP, German patent, DE 10 B4, Channel phase distortion and its influence on PLC systems. On the impedance of the low-voltage distribution grid at frequencies up to kHz. Spanish patent, ES A1, Time delay estimation in the time-frequency domain based on a line detection approach. Local analysis of honed surfaces in microscopic images. In OPTO , Calibration of solenoid injectors for gasoline direct injection using the knock sensor.

In MTZ worldwide , Vol. Information fusion for automotive applications -- an overview. In Information Fusion , Vol. A strategy on situation evaluation for driver assistance systems in commercial vehicles considering pedestrians in urban traffic. Information fusion for cognitive automobiles. Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, 8 edition , Erfassung menschlicher Bewegungen durch merkmalsbasiertes Tracking.

Pore detection on cylinder bore surfaces. Potential eines energieoptimalen Batterie-Thermomanagements im Elektrofahrzeug. German patent, DE 10 A1, Regenerative braking in electric vehicles with all-wheel drive. Konzepte zur Trennung von Sprachsignalen in unterbestimmten Szenarien. Can Ye, Johannes Pallauf , B. Vijaya Kumar and Miguel Tavares Coimbra.

Customizing the training dataset to an individual for improved heartbeat recognition performance in long-term ECG signals. Associating ECG features with firefighter's activities. Channel characterization and system verification for narrowband power line communication in smart grid applications. Transmission channel properties of the low voltage grid for narrowband power line communication.

Emulation of AWGN for noise margin test of powerline communication systems. Advanced emulation of channel transfer functions for performance evaluation of powerline modems. Wenqing Liu and Klaus Dostert. Development and application of GPS-based time synchronization in power line channel characterization. Software defined modem development for narrowband PLC systems.

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Real-time targeted interactive advertisement for digital signage. Information fusion to detect and classify pedestrians using invariant features.

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Classification , Data fusion , Infrared , Invariant features , Lidar , Pedestrian detection , Spatio-temporal fusion , Support vector machine. Architectures for Image Fusion. Michael Schwarz , Martin W. Model-based assessment of tissue perfusion and temperature in deep hypothermic patients. Biological monitoring , Biological system modeling , Blood flow , Cardiovascular surgery , Temperature. Hyperspectral imaging - from laboratory to in-line food sorting. Characteristics of the low voltage grid being used as a communication medium for smart grid applications.

Reports on Industrial Information Technology. Analytische Wavelet-Packets zur Separation unbekannter Sprachsignale. Objektdetektion und -verfolgung durch nichtlineare Filterung und Fusion von Lidar- und Positionsdaten. Michael Bauer and Klaus Dostert. Andreas Sandmair and Alam Zaib. Comparison of ICA algorithms for underdetermined blind source separation. Andreas Sandmair and Norbert Linzenkirchner.

Extension of Particle Swarm Optimization for detection of local minima. Independent component analysis of image series for defect detection in textured surfaces. Segmentation of defect edges on grooved surfaces using anisotropic diffusion. Impulsive noise on the low voltage mains grid - detection method, parameter analysis and mitigation of its effects. Michael Bauer and Marco Kruse. Countering impulsive noise without channel coding.

Michael Bauer and Wenqing Liu. Wenqing Liu and Yuelou Bao. Least-squares-estimation based zero-crossing prediction for an automated PLC channel measurement system.

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Information fusion for environment exploration. Cost-efficient environment perception using multiple sensors for driver assistance systems in commercial vehicles. Highly efficient load distribution of parallel DC-DC converters. Wavelet packet analysis of knock sensor signals for diagnosis of the gasoline direct injection process. Fusion of images recorded with variable illumination.

Pedestrian detection based on maximally stable extremal regions.

In Sensoren und Messsysteme , Sensoreinsatzplanung und Informationsfusion zur Umgebungsexploration. Information fusion , Sensor management , World modeling. Distributed sensing , Distributed system , Fusion , Multi-sensor system. Variable illumination and invariant features for detecting and classifying varnish defects.

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Detektion charakteristischer Ereignisse bei der Benzin-Direkteinspritzung. Lane detection and tracking based on lidar data.

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Lane detection , Lane tracking , Lidar. Adaptive underdetermined ICA for handling an unknown number of sources. Blind source separation , Independent component analysis. Ein effizientes Verfahren zur Extraktion rotationsinvarianter Merkmale aus Beleuchtungsserien.